Thursday, December 30, 2010

A good day at the cancer center

It is very cold for Arizona right now--you who live anywhere but here would probably laugh at how cold we've been...but it's all relative, right?! Remember we have summers where it reaches 115--so 40 is cold to us! (Tonight we are supposed to go below freezing).

Today I went to the cancer center, and I just want to say again how much I respect and love the people who work there. They are just the best--so encouraging, so positive, so supportive. You couldn't ask for anything better. I have tried to work out this week, so I can be physically strong for next week. The work out center is not a very big room--has some different equipment, but what makes it special are the two fabulous people who work with all us patients. And what is even more amazing are the people who come in there to work out. They are in various stages--some still with cancer, some long-time survivors of cancer, but all who want to improve their lives...and do as much as they can to conquer the big C. (that ugly word that we all hate--cancer). There was a lady in there today, who had her last chemo in January. She was a larger woman, but had determined that she would really get into an exercise routine. She exercises 3-4 times a week for 1 1/2- 2 hours a time. It is so inspiring to be in that place, because these people are fighters, and are determined to fight this nasty disease. I love being in there and watching them. There was a much older man, who had tubes connected to him--he was just working on standing up and sitting down--to watch his determination at a task that would be so easy for most of us, was also inspiring. I was just sad that I hadn't brought my daughter, Emily, who is visiting, to see what goes on there.

Then I went to get my PICC line changed (I do that every week), and the lady in there was great also. She was very concerned about my surgery, but wanted to encourage me to get moving as fast as possible...even if it caused me great pain. She told me that I should drink champagne before I went in to the hospital. When I told her I didn't drink, she told me she would drink champagne FOR me!! I love the way all these different people show love and support--with so many people cheering me on, I will make it through this next challenge!


  1. We'll join her in drinking before...but even more once this whole thing is over! I love you and wish I could take your place... Lo

  2. Dear Louise:
    I think the advice about moving as quickly as you can after the surgery is a good one. And don't worry about the champagne.. I haven't drunk a drop of alcohol for years! Tonight I have a house full of 15 year olds partying here and I bought Champony which is the French version of Champagne for kids (no alcohol of course!!) There must be something like that in the States! And don't worry about the surgery. You will be fine. You are a fighter and this is so important. I saw that with Keith. For all his faults, he is a fighter par excellence and it IS inspiring to watch. YOU are an inspiration to hundreds ALREADY due to your fighting, positive spirit. A pebble in the pond--and the reverberations have been felt around the world. So in that spirit, I am dedicating MY New Year's Eve to you and Spence, two of the nicest, most loving, inspirational people I have ever met--and amazing enough--I'm actually related to!!! Have a good one..Big hugs, Sue

  3. Happy New Year, my friend!!! Let's make this year one of total recovery and new found strength- not just for the muscles!!! ;) I know you are in excellent hands and that you will be well cared for, just wish I could be there for you!!! Special prayers for Spence, as well. Many from my Saturday morning group have you and your family included in their prayers. Together we can do this!!! Love you so much, Deb

  4. Happy New Year Louise! I may not get a chance to post another comment before your surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery. I know that you will be in the Lord's hands. He is so aware of your situation and I am confident that he will send angels to help you through it all. You are loved!


  5. Hi Louisa,

    It was so nice to see you and your girls in the Temple. I have been thinking of you so much - during the last couple of days as we get closer to the Surgery Date! You are right - there are so many amazing people fighting this ridiculous disease - and you will be fine. Please know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you as your big day comes closer - it's got to be so scary - but you have so many supporters and people on your side - and great doctors and the power of prayer and fasting. This combination is unbeatable. I am so amazed at what can be done to fight cancer. I played games with our Logan today....he is an inspiration, too - just like you. Have a great Sunday - hugs, Janet

  6. Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and your family and will continue to. We love you and have faith that all will go well with your surgery