Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday's "Musings"

Hello. It is Monday, and I am determined to write a little more this week. Our appointment with the surgeon has been changed to Monday, the 20th. He is sick this week (imagine that--I thought that doctors and mothers weren't ALLOWED to get sick!). We have still been talking to friends, and trying to get some insights about possible surgeons.

I have eaten a couple of things--a peanut butter cookie yesterday and another cookie last night. I complained to my niece, Melanie Wellman, that I was eating junk food and not good stuff--and she asked me how smoothly I thought a piece of celery would go down. She does have a point there! I am funny--I was also able to snack on some Fritos with Spence yesterday--it's funny how chips and crackers go down, but there again I am missing out on the nutrition.

I had another busy Sunday yesterday--the whole block, and then back for a fireside--getting there early to try to get a good seat, and then there for about 2 1/2 hours. I just crashed when I got home! I have done a little Christmas wrapping and some more cards (the never-ending Christmas task).

When people ask me how I am, I actually feel pretty good. I just still am working on building up my energy, and that is a day-to day thing. I am thankful for breaks that I take...and for music and for my family that can often make me laugh. Laughter is one of the best ways to make you feel better. May you have much to laugh about today, and may you remember like my sister says, every day is a gift. Love to all, Louise


  1. Hi Louise, I do hope you find the best doctor available, but if your still looking I would like to suggest you contact (friend, member of church) Dr. Thane Larsen, was with Mayo Clinic, now a world wide medical speaker.

    I do not know if he is back home today, as his father...President Clive Larsen had heart surgery this past Utah ( I think you met Clive at my wedding, he stood in for my father and gave me away), anyway you or Spence let me know and I will call you to give you their private home number if you like. Maybe he could guide you with getting the doctor whom would be best for your particular needs for
    surgery. Mayo worked on Chaz with teams last year (kidneys) and teams with my mom and late husband........teams work well in the event you need other specialists. Your always in my thoughts and
    Love, Peggy D'Amato

  2. You sound so good! I'm happy that your energy levels are slowly rising. But as far as eating junk food, Hmmmmmmmmm. Actually you have been through so much you deserve to eat whatever you like!
    love you, Becky

  3. I think you should bake some of your delicious chocolate chip cookies and lick the bowl, lick the spoon, and eat all the cookies yourself.

  4. Enjoy the cookies while you can. I'm sure there are many green salads in your future!
    Your family Christmas card picture is a treasure. I have it right by my computer and look at it often. It always makes me smile.
    Hope you have a good week Louisa.
    Much love to you! Suzy

  5. When Alan was having a hard time eating (and of course nutrition was very important then and you are actually getting your nutrition another way) the most important thing to him was that it "chewed up" into a liquid. Cookies and fritos actually chew up very well, so go for it. Now is the time to enjoy those flavors and a few cravings if they will go down. Thanks for sharing the good with us. If everyone had your positive attitude and laughter and support system, there would be many more survivors in so many different ways and areas. Love you, Nancy

  6. I won't be misquoted here...I said, "If you only get to chew like one thing a day, I wouldn't make it celery!!"
    I love you Louise and am glad you can get a cookie down every now and again. It would be awful to not be able to eat what you want when you want. I think about that all the time and my heart just aches for you. Hopefully you will be able to keep eating a little more each day. Can't wait for the white elephant night.

  7. Nothing wrong with cookies. Soul food. I'm with will be having enough green salads in your future as it is.. So enjoy your 'cookie phase'. Love, Sue