Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Carolers make my day!

Today was another pretty busy day...however, it did include a long I'm hanging in there. I told my son tonight that I just wish I could keep going, but I'm still in the "pacing myself" mode.

I went Christmas shopping with my friend, Candace Hazar, and we had such a good time. We were gone the whole morning...that's why I was ready for a "long winter's nap!" I appreciate people being willing to take me places and help me get errands done.

This afternoon came the highlight of my day. Our Primary children (children in the ward ages 3-11) came in a TROLLEY and caroled to us. It was the BEST!! Those children have meant so much to me during this whole cancer battle--they give me hugs, and do thoughtful, wonderful things like caroling today. That was truly a highlight of the season. Bless them and their wonderful leaders for doing such a nice thing. I was truly touched. Again--the little things are the BIG things!


  1. Oh I love that! YEA to little kids doing great things! Hugs to you my sister!

  2. Sounds like a really good day. Glad to hear it!


  3. Wow, nothing like children to brighten our day. Love the image of those kids caroling to you. So incredibly sweet. Well, we are hunkering down here as we are bracing ourselves for a BIG snowstorm tonight.. Chloe arrives back early Saturday am but we have a back up plan (taxi/train) just in case I can't make it to Paris! Big hug, Sue

  4. Hi Lady with a Beautiful "Smile"

    Missing a blog here today, thinking of you.

    Merry Christmas ...hope all is well.

    Peggy and Chaz D'Amato