Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's News

It is Friday afternoon. In just a few minutes I go to the cancer center to get my PICC line flushed--happens every week. People ask how long I will have this in--but I guess until they aren't planning to draw blood or give me more chemo (if they decide that's what I need), they're going to leave it in.

Spence has given you the bulk of our news for the week. He does such a good job of explaining things--I'm always glad when he can do that. It's because he asks SO MANY questions, and that's how he learns so much.

We are thrilled that the endosocopy went so well. We are glad too, to know the real reason why I can't swallow. Spence has strictly forbidden me from eating anything but very soft foods and liquids...but still I cheat sometimes and eat something. Like today Kelsey had some chips from Chipotle, and I ate two...and loved them (AND kept them down). Spence says I'm a rebel, and I know I am. Not only does he have to put up with taking care of me, he has to deal with my attitude too!

On Wednesday night we had a Relief Society Christmas party (sort of a party). We had a short program--a musical number and a Christmas message, and lots of food to eat. Of course, I got to look at all the food, and it all looked wonderful. I had to depent on others to sample it. :) We had lots of women attend. It was the first time I've been able to conduct a meeting like that since I've been sick. I had no idea how it would affect me, but it brought me to be there with those women whom I love, and who have been so caring to me. I broke down, and just felt so grateful to my Father in Heaven who has allowed me to come so far...and to be able to do some of those normal things again. I have those moments of just overwhelming gratitude. The goodness of God to me and to my family is just almost more than a person can comprehend.

Today I was able to go with a dear friend to the temple again...and that is always a huge lift for my spirits. I truly have so very much to be grateful for. Have a good weekend. Love to all, Louise


  1. It sounds like you area gaining some of your energy back. That is just the pits to be surrounded by good food and not being able to eat it. I guess being surrounded by good friends helps! I'm glad you can go to the temple, it is such a peaceful, reassuring place. Have a good weekend. Praying for you as always!


  2. Dear Louise: I'm glad that slowly but surely you are able to integrate some of the 'normal' things back in your life. And yes, Spence has a gift with communications. He has helped the family in countless ways, patiently explaining complicated situations in terms that everyone could understand. He is so special (but then again you already KNOW that!!!) Have a great weekend.
    Love, Sue P.S. Did you know that every morning while I drink my tea, I check your blog? It is a morning ritual I love! S

  3. Good morning, Webe. I, too, check your blog (almost) every morning as part of my daily routine (except when my phone and technology decide not to cooperate). I know how much it means to you to be able to go to church events and can imagine how emotional that must have been at Relief Society because I have been witness to the outpouring of love those women extend to you. You know they love you as much as you do them!
    On the food note, as long as you can chew them up really well and wash them down with plenty of fluids, what's wrong with some tortilla chips once in a while?? And when you're at an event with lots os food, let your nose and eyes
    take in what they can so you at least get some gustatory pleasure!
    Have a wonderful, blessed Sunday. Love, Deb

  4. You are loved so much. With all that you have been through, Now you Know how much we ALL LOVE YOU.