Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back in the saddle again...

Wow--I have gone a whole week without writing anything. Spence comes through again for me. I didn't have a whole lot of things to write earlier in the week, although I WILL share a picture of me Christmas shopping--actually WHEEL CHAIR shopping! My friend, Eileen Allred, rented me a wheelchair, so I could actually last TWO hours rather than one. :) We had a great time, and I was exhausted when I got home! (typical me!)

On Wednesday when we met with Diane, the nurse practitioner, I was crushed when she said there were more malignant cells. I kind of hibernated for the rest of the day, and tried to process news that I guess I was hoping that I wouldn't hear again that there were still cancer cells. I KNEW that I wasn't cured, just because the tumor was gone, but I just didn't want to hear that ugly word, malignant, again. By Thursday morning, I was in better spirits, and could see the more positive side of everything. We really have planned on having surgery all along, and hopefully, this surgery will not only enlarge the opening in my esophagus, but it will also take care of any other malignant cells. Spence has been good about emphasizing the positive in this news...and I appreciate that.

We are now scheduled to meet with a surgeon on Thursday morning. I think one of Spence's biggest concerns from the beginning was to get the very best surgeon we can to do this surgery. The one that has been recommended by our GI doctor is a general surgeon...and so we are talking to some of our doctor friends and see what their thoughts are. We are kind of tending to want a doctor who pretty much specializes in thoracic surgery (don't know if I spelled that right) and has done more work in that area. It is hard to know, but we are praying for inspiration. I feel like Spence has been inspired to be so concerned about this surgeon, and so hopefully we will be led to the right person.

I have actually had some pretty busy days this week...and have survived. I've done Christmas shopping, Christmas cards, some crocheting (my favorite diversion!), and even been to Brady's band concert and our ward Christmas party. Thanks for all your thoughts and comments on my blog--I will be writing again more regularly. How thankful I am for all of you who read and follow the blog...and who just are my friends.


  1. this photo. You are not to be stopped! I also loved the Christmas card. You are amazing! Blessings on you this Saturday. May we continue to focus on the reason for the season. Let us not forget that each day and each one is a gift from God. Love you...

  2. Oh Webe, yesterday I received your Christmas card and was brought to tears. Go PRICE HOPE TEAM!!! It's so special and you all look darling in the photo, especially you. Everyone exudes hope and love!!!
    I love that you're back in the saddle! Although you must have been exhausted, there is contentment that shines through in your beautiful smile!
    Have a wonderful weekend. Love, Deb

  3. LOVE the Christmass wheelchair shopping. You go girl! Gosh, I can't even brave the I have done for years, I let my computer do the shopping through Amazon. My favorite site!!! We made it through the 'mating' of Noah with his new girlfriend (I've had a dream for years to have his puppy so I can always carry on the Noah tradition!)--not sure we were successful but the girlfriend ('Dolly') was cute and it was fun having 2 St. Bernards at the house. I'm sure that Spence and you will find the right surgeon. I know it is disappointing they found those malignant cells but the surgery will take care of that. Spence is right-you absolutely must concentrate on the positive. We are all there to help you chase any tiny gram of a negative thought away. Love you, Sue

  4. Now that wheelchair looks like a good idea! I think I will look into that for myself. I am so glad that you have so many good moments along with the tough ones. Please know that you are loved.

  5. Ditto to everything Donise said... LOVE YOU!!! Sue

  6. It looks like you were able to get some major shopping done. Way to go! The wheelchair was a great idea. I hope you have a wonderful week.