Monday, December 20, 2010

some words about wigs...

This is not going to be an earth-shattering entry. In just a few minutes, Spence and I go to meet with the surgeon. Knowing Spence's abilities to communicate so well, I will probably let him tell about that visit...and our feelings. So I just thought I would say hello and tell you about my experiences with my wig at church yesterday. People were very complimentary about it, and the ones who didn't like it were kind enough not to say anything. So it wasn't an emotional, traumatic thing for me.

However there are some things you need to know about wigs. They are itchy, and sometimes you feel like they are puffing up and are going to just fall off. I had my girls constantly checking for me to see if it was too far off my forehead or puffing up, where it looked like I had some bouffant style. It wasn't the easiest thing, but again, it felt good to have something on top of my head! Plus when I was shopping with Katie on Saturday, all of a sudden I had a headache, and it was because my wig was too tight. She loosened it as much as she could, and it is working much better now. When I am home, I take it off, and try not to scare my grandson with my weird "real" hairdo--black sprouts all over my head, with a few wispy hairs coming out from the side. I am truly a vision of loveliness! NOT... Until our report from the surgeon...


  1. You are BEAUTIFUL with or without hair!!! Your entry made me chuckle several times. I'm just happy for you that it's wig-wearing season, not like in the summer in Arizona! Great to hear from you! Love, Deb

  2. You looked great and you should be able to be comfy around your family. I have a picture of my bald mom holding my bald grandson when they were both going thru chemo. It's a wonderful picture because it tells of survival. Love you, Linday Lou

  3. I have to ditto what Deb said. Your entry made me laugh. But that is the great thing about your attitude toward this whole experience you're going through. You make everyone around you feel comfortable and at least outwardly you smile and laugh. Thank you for your great spirit and example.
    Love, Becky

  4. Oh my goodness Louise, you really have a wonderful sense of humor, I smiled all the way through this update.................makes me remember
    back in 1959 (when I was flying for Continental Airlines) I owned so many
    wigs......I had to fly from snow to rain to this and had a wig for
    every climate and had a wig box with a hat box as well for my airline
    hat uniform. Memory lane for sure.........thanks for bringing back my
    wonderful wig memories, I have to tell you this.......I carried a hair pick, fork like scrach my scalp through the wigs and thick hair
    under my wig, such memories! Peggy