Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Hair--New Me!

Well, I finally broke down and bought this wig--they have had it on hold for me ever since August. My hair has gotten so wispy (practically non-existent on the sides), and lots of bald spots. Kelsey and I do a hair dance when we discover little black sprouts on my head...but we thought it was finally time to try something other than hats to cover my head. I like the feeling that I have something on my head again...even if it isn't truly mine. :) So here is a picture. Spence and I are pleased with it, and I feel like a person again. I always put something on my head when someone came to the door--I didn't want my looks to scare them. Yes, I know it is vanity...but it is a hard thing for a woman to lose her hair.

I had another doctor's appointment today, but that was pretty routine, and I am doing fine. Last night we went to see "A Christmas Carol" with our friends, Jim and Candace Hazar. It was so much fun.

Well, I finished my Christmas cards, and that is something to cheer about. I also have my gifts ready that need to be hopefully that happens tomorrow. Our house still has about 1/2 of the stuff that we have...but you know, we are surviving, and Christmas will go on...even without all the extra decorations! I hope your Christmas celebrations and preparations are going well. Listen to lots of Christmas music--there is nothing that puts you more in the mood for Christmas than the music. :)


  1. Dear Louise:
    I think we will all agree that the best gift this Christmas is a recovering Louise!!! Yeah!!! I am sitting in front of the fireplace with my St. Bernard looking out at a VERY VERY snowy landscape.. just gorgeous. Big hug, Sue

  2. You are looking great, Weezy. That hair style really suits you, although I think the long hair California Hippy one would have been more fun. You are doing so great. Don't worry about what isn't being done - look at what you are getting done. Love you, Lindy Lou

  3. Very cute hair! Shiney and smooth! And with a cute face to match! This is definatey a Christmas of thanksgiving for you, your family and all of us. The Price is all right! (And I have Christmas music going ocnstantly)

  4. I shouldn't have typed so quickly in the last post! Bad spelling!

  5. I love it! You look great! It sounds like you are doing some fun and good things. I agree, Christmas music is the best way to get in that Christmas mood. Enjoy.


  6. I "love" it! A thumbs up on choice too! Looks absolutely great or I would
    not even comment. And others won't know unless you tell them, anyway.....when you pay for something is considered yours (tee hee here).

    Glad you got to see A Christmas Carol, we have tickets for "The Forgotten Carols" staring Michael McLean (out of Salt Lake) at the Gammage.
    Is only December 22. I think it maybe sold out by now. We are still trying to stay well, we keep getting better (taking turns) and getting if I do not make the Gammage, you will be first I call to
    give my tickets to.

    Keep smiling gal, it is contagious.

    Peggy D.

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  8. Love the new "do"! Sorry I missed you! We were only in town for a couple of days and I wanted to surprise you. I didn't get your call until we got back. Loved your Christmas card! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with all you kids! Ours will be a quiet one - only Justin will be home. (Jared & Cristina will be in UT with her family and Jeremy is back in the mission field). He was reassigned to the CA Anaheim mission (Mandarin speaking). Merry Christmas....
    Love, Suzie

  9. Your hair looks great! Exciting that new hair is starting to grow. I hope that your Christmas season is peaceful and calm and that you get to enjoy your gorgeous family. One more week until the big day! (That went WAY too fast!) =D