Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just hanging around...

Hello to everyone. Today is a pretty normal day--if you call it normal, laying around, eating from the feeding tube, and talking as much as you want. :) Spence's sister, Nancy, and I have a lot of fun, hearing about the details of each other's lives. Today I had to put myself in my room, just so I would get a nap! Marti, another of Spence's sisters, came to visit. It is good to have visitors, and they don't even mind that I entertain them in my pajamas!

I have been trying to sleep on a wedge, but it is pretty uncomfortable, so last night I just slept on my recliner...and did much better. My back gets pretty sore on the wedge, and the recliner just makes it a little more flexible to sleep. I LOVE taking showers.

I still have some pain in my chest and in my back--however, I have mostly been able to get relief from Tylenol, which is far better than the harder stuff they were giving me in the hospital. Nancy is good at giving me little meals several times a day--so I am improving on my eating. She's a great cook, so that helps too!

We walked a little in front of my house yesterday--don't do it still as much as I probably should, but we're working on it. Anyway, that's just a little update--I take life pretty slowly, but I think that's ok. Have a good evening. Love you, Louise


  1. Sounds so good to hear you are eating. I can picture you with Marti and Nancy laughing and throwing stories back and forth. You have wonderful family, on both sides! grateful you live in sunny Arizona...the sidewalks and driveways are all icy here in Utah. Your stroll is safer on dry ground. Keep on plugging away...we can tell you're getting stronger..hurray! Love you.

  2. All this sounds so great and I agree with Sharie--happy to hear you are eating!! Every day is a tiny step towards full recovery... It will 'sneak up' on you in no time. Love, Sue

  3. Taking life slowly sounds perfect......I love what Susan said "recovery will "sneak up" on you in no time!" Have a great day!!

  4. It sounds like you are doing great! To hear you are laughing, eating, and visiting - its wonderful!!!! Keep up the good work!

  5. It is so good to get your update! Sounds like some good improvement to me. Great job!

    Lots of love,

  6. My sweet Louise. It is so good to hear that you are imporving each day. You are such a strong person. You have been through so very much and we are still praying for you to continue to improve. Spence has been such a great husband. We look forward when we can come and see you. We love being home also. We love you so much, Flo

  7. So good to hear that you are doing so well, Louise. How fun to have your family around you - I'm so glad that you can now eat and relax. And I'm so grateful you are pain free (sort of I'm sure!)....just so nice to read your posts and hear you are doing better. Have a wonderful Friday - Love, Janet