Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 15: ICU C Ya

Greetings to all of the followers of Louise's journey to recovery. Today is the 3rd Monday in this hospital. Her operation was two weeks ago. In our 36 years of marriage, this is the longest consecutive time she has stayed anywhere besides our two homes. Its a good reason to call it a home away from home. So her room assignment changed from the penthouse ICU to the seventh floor in a semi-private room. They asked her if she wanted to make the transition by wheel chair or walk. She chose to walk. Wow, that was the longest walk she has had since she walked into the OR two weeks ago. Before she left, they removed three more drainage tubes and took half of her staples out. She also has no monitors hooked up to her. All she has is an oxygen tube in her nose and the feeding tube connected to her intestine.

So, with all these transitions and with very few tubes to get in her way in and out of bed, you would think that she would have begged to run in this marathon which ran past her hospital window yesterday. Not so! She is still in a marathon recovery stage. Except for a few wonderful visitors that she had today, she basically slept the whole day and evening. She didn't have much energy or appetite to eat anything all day. She did have several doses of pain killers because she did have pain. The pain is still in the scratched chest and where the big hoses used to be. I think this particular pain killer that she had all day makes her very sleepy. Today's naps were longer and deeper than in past days which I think is good for her.

Nobody has said a word about release date so I can't bring you up to date on that. It is probably is at least Wednesday. My 93-year old Uncle Bob, one of the former chiefs of staff here in this hospital, gives her the message to not leave the hospital too soon. She worried today if she could make it at home yet. So maybe it is good to slow down a little and make sure she is ready to get out. She has had so much going on in this body. Another few days might be a real blessing.

So that is the 15th day in the life of Louise in the hospital. Thanks for your wonderful well wishes and comments.



  1. Oh so glad she is out of the ICU and doing so well! We love you Louise and am so glad you got de-tubed today. Hurray.

  2. So glad she is out of the ICU and so many of the tubes and things are gone. This is great news and wonderful progress!

    Our prayers continue. May you continue to heal, find strength and staminia, and feel peace and comfort.

  3. I can't believe she walked all the way to her new room, that's great! I am so happy to hear this news. Things are looking up!

    Thanks so much for the post.

    Peggy & Chaz

  4. Another encouraging day.... so glad you have "graduated" from the ICU and from so many awful hoses and tubes. I'm just sorry there is still so much pain and hope that a good night's sleep will bring a more comfortable day tomorrow. Louisa, you are such a champion! You too Spence!
    Love, Suzy

  5. Happy to hear you are out of the ICU---you are such a determined "marathoner" walking the whole way! Here's hoping and praying that you have less pain in your poor scratched chest!

  6. Yay!! I'm so glad that you are out of the ICU! Hopefully when I get there Wednesday night I can help you make the transition a little easier at home. Dad - you're amazing for posting every day. Thank you so, so much for all of the detail. It is hard to be away, but reading all about it helps me to feel a part of it all. I can't wait to see everyone on Wednesday! I love you both.

  7. Awesome news! What a relief! Now just rest, rest, rest. Thanks for the updates, Spence. We will all rest easier knowing that Louise is on the mend and the tubes are out etc. Have a great day, Louise and Spence :) Love, Janet

    PS Love your titles, Spence!

  8. Wow! So much good news in this post. You are both amazing people. How great that Louise has made the transition out of the ICU and off of the extra baggage. It is good advice not to leave the hospital too soon. Although I am sure that once Louise gets home she will get much better rest:) You are in my constant thoughts and prayers.


  9. How exiting to hear you will soon be going home! The comfort of your own bed in your own home surrounded by your loved ones has amazing healing powers! Be gentle on yourself and let others shower you with love and support in any way you need it. You are already a hero in so many people's minds and hearts! Progress, not perfection- one day at a time. ;) Love you loads, Deb

  10. It's amazing how quickly you have improved in the last 2 days! Just when you think you'll never leave the hospital, hope appears on the horizon. We are celebrating much to be grateful for now that the biggest challenges have been conquered. You and Spence have been a totally amazing team through it all. Our prayers will be ones of thanksgiving tonight. Love you.

  11. Spence, you have made our day. What a wonderful news report. WE are so happy for the improvement Louise is making. You both are amazing people and I consider it a real blessing to be your friend. Louise, I was wondering if you have kept up on all the birthdays. You are so awsome. We love you tons.