Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5 No leaks, no drinks, no nose tube, one blod clot and one big miracle

Day 5 we are still in the ICU unit and I have no idea when we are leaving it at this point in time. Today we had many events happen and one bit of miracle news that I will save to the end. I guess I will go in chronological order. Early this morning Louise had her barium test which disclosed that there did not appear to be any leaks in her new esopha/stomach connection. That meant that she was sort of cleared to start drinking water. Dr. Perry told her that she could have her nose tube taken out and that she could drink after the speech therapist came in to see how she was swallowing. He said that after this type of surgery, patients lose their ability to swallow and they wanted to make sure she could. They did give her a little water after the barium and she loved it. We have been begging all day for the speech therapist but no one showed so she has to wait till tomorrow to start drinking. Poor Louise is still begging for a drink from anyone. She is mumbling right now that Sharie would give her a drink if she were here.

She did get her nose tube taken out. That tube was such a bother. It went all the way down to her stomach and was there to remove bile from her stomach. Her voice went down an octave after they took it out. She is sounding more and more like the old Louise.

Then comes the bad news for the day. they were still concerned how swollen her left arm and hand are and they ordered another ultra sound. If you remember that two days ago they found no blood clots. Today, however they did find one right around her picc line that she has had in her arm since August 5th. That line has been used for chemo, hydration and blood draws for all those months. they have been using it for IV.s for this operation also. So they have taken that picc line out and have immediately put her on blood thinners as well as coumadin. She will need to stay on the coumadin for at least 3 months. They are concerned about it because they don't want it breaking lose and going to the lungs. They feel like they have caught it and can watch it while she is in the hospital and she should be okay. I wondered if the blood thinners would hinder the healing and clotting of the blood where the blood should be clotting around wounds. The doctor said she is 5 days into the healing and so there is no problem with that.

So then, this afternoon, she got out of bed easier than yesterday and did a marathon walk around the ICU pod not once but three times. She walked well and was in no pain as she did it. It gave her a lot of confidence. Then she sat in a chair without her legs up for over an hour. That was great progress. Her breathing is much better. Her blood pressure in not having a good day though. It is too high.

And now the miracle news for the day. This is the result of Priesthood blessings, great faith, all of your fasting and all of the prayers. We got the results of the pathology report on all tissue taken out of Louise. That includes the old esophagus, the 1/3 stomach and all of the lymph nodes that were taken out. They tested every area of all tissue and didn't find one cancer cell in any of it. We immediately asked them why in her endoscopy before her operation they had dusted the area and found some cancer cells. The doctor says that she doesn't know about that but she did know that there were none found at the time of surgery. Maybe they died in between. Or maybe the first endoscopy path test was wrong. And I ask myself, maybe that last test cinched the fact that that we were going to have this surgery. I asked the doctor. Were we right to have this surgery? She said absolutely. Like Dr. Lewkowitz said, this insures that the cancer would never come back from the esophagus. That is the main thing. We are trying to insure that cancer never comes back. So we are so thrilled to get this news. The doctor is now a big believer in the chemo/radiation treatment before surgery. Both doctors were so impressed with how it eliminated an inch and a half tumor and affected lymph node to no cancer anywhere. We know also, that there was another great power involved in this miracle, that power from God!

So that's the mostly good news from ICU for now. Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers. Can we ask for no visitors still until she at least leaves the ICU. It is hard for her to do much socializing still.

Thanks again, Spence


  1. Louise & Spence -- So much is happening each day. Thank you for these updates. The pathology result news is WONDERFUL! It reassures me that when you recover from the surgery, you truly will be WELL. I hope you will rest well tonight and enjoy lots of DRINKING tomorrow. Love, Suzy

  2. We are singing and dancing. No cancer cells!!!!

  3. Spence, thanks again for the informative post, you are really learning a
    lot about medical, good for you, it is good to know, as when you understand more you have less still have a blood clot in my left arm due to an IV (heart surgery in 1998)....but the tests showed it is a calcified clot the size of a marble. The thing is, I am told my body has managed to manufacture new arteries!! the clot will not be removed.
    I was put on coumadin for a three month period also, later on heparin. I was on heparin until the price hit $900.00 a month for me, so I
    stopped taking it 10 mos. ago. My blood pressure was 210/110 and was in ER several times etc. etc. ....with this as well as having vertigo for 5 months I went to Bishop Bloom's office and had
    priesthood give me a blessing. What I am getting to is .....I believe in medical help and it is a blessing as well, but having the priesthood blessing is where the miracles come in. I had a collapsed left lung, a
    black hole in heart and other stuff, but now the exrays show no scar
    tissue on my lung (doctors wanted to remove my lung) and Dr. Karen
    Stark (my heart doctor) said no hole and the clot does not show on the tests from a month ago........... so yes there was another great power involved in all my health events and Heavenly Father did take charge after my blessing apx. 3 or 4 months ago. Maybe I will have to go throught all this again someday, but for some reason Heavenly Father did take charge over me for now, as He obviously has done in Louise's case. I believe the cancer was there, but if it can't be found now at all, "He" has his hand on Louise. Sometimes doctors do not understand these events as we the blessed patient does. I hope I did not talk so much that you do not have time to even read this post. I just want you and Louise to keep having a positive feeling alone with your faith and trust that Heavenly Father is in charge and not to worry about
    too much, God will continue to have His hand on you both, I truly believe this, He has just begun to use you both as faithful servants you have both proven to already be.
    I want to be in church the first time Louise is back giving her testimony, this will be a day to remember, a miracle within itself for
    others to witness.
    God continue to bless you both.

    Your friend,
    Peggy D'Amato

  4. What great news inspite of the bloodclot issue!!! Isn't it amazing the progress each new day brings?!?! I have no doubt but what prayer and blessings- testimonies of faith in Heavenly Father, have wrought inexplicable miracles in Webe's healing and that He will continue to bless you both, His loyal servants. Webe's story will have stenghthened the faith of so many. Last night I only slept 1.75 hours due to tummy/ muscle cramps. Prayer for Webe's comfort and total healing throughout the night brought me total peace. I arose rested and quite refreshed considering the little sleep I had. As I finish this Webe, you and your dear family will once more be in my prayers. Sweet dreams! Love, Deb

  5. Those doggone speech pathologists - why can't you ever get 'em when you need 'em?

    We are totally thrilled with the progress and we thank the Lord for His kindness and tender mercies. Thanks again, Spence, for the updates - they mean a lot. When I first read how Louise "sat in a chair without her legs" I wondered what you guys did with her legs for all that time! Then I reread it & think I may have figured it out.

    Love you all - take care,

  6. Wow!!!! All this news to take in... So much good news too..the walk THREE times around the ICU, no leaks and of course NO CANCER CELLS.. So amazing and miraculous. The blood clot is a hiccup but they are keeping an eye on it and you are obviously in good hands. Wow again. Spence, thanks so much for your updates.. Love, Sue

  7. Sorry..I'm always posting under my various clients' names!!!Sue

  8. Louise,
    We are so happy to hear about all the cancer cells being gone! We are in Canada right now visiting Jonathan's folks, but I've made sure to check each day on Spence's great updates to see how you are doing. Great job on your walking and sitting! You are such a trooper---I think I would have strangled someone if I wasn't allowed to have water ;) Much love and prayers from the Youngs!!

  9. Wonderful news that there are no cancer cells anywhere! What a miracle! I hope today Louise will get to drink plenty of water. She deserves it after all that she has been through. Hopefully that blot clot will dissolve and not cause any problems. Keep it up Louise, it sounds like you are doing everything that you are supposed to do. Lots of love and prayers being sent your way.
    Annie :)

  10. Louisa, I would only have given you the sip of water if I was convinced it wouldn't have caused you any trouble...remember, I can be tough when I have to be...(Luke and Devil Woman!) I love you and am so full of gratitude for your faithful, devoted life. You continue to show me the path of obedience.."come what may". Blessings upon you.

  11. Louise we are so happy that you are doing so well, and what a great miracle. We hope that soon you can have all the water you want. You are blessed to have gotten the news no more cancer cells. You are the best, and we love you and pray for you.

  12. Give her a Pepsi and some chocolate chip cookies. That combination heals everything. I love you and am so grateful for the miracle.

  13. Hey the Rich and Lisa Adams Bohne family letting you know that we are thinking of you and praying for you all. Sounds like a lot of miracles are coming your way and that eventually life will get back to normal.
    Take Care,
    Love Lisa and Rich