Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 7 Sunday, A Day of Rest

So many things happened in the last two days, but today, everything slowed down quite a bit. The doctors didn't really order many changes to take place. The many drainage tubes are still in. She seems to be constantly draining fluids. The right side chest drainage tube is the worst. It seems to cause her terrible pain especially when she is getting into bed. For some reason they want to keep her in ICU longer. I also don't think she will be ready to be released next Wednesday. Things are progressing but slower than we thought.

She had a very difficult hour this afternoon. She had pain in her chest (from the tube I think) and her back. They gave her lots of pain medication but for an hour or so she was really having a difficult time. I didn't know what to do but let it run its course. And then it finally passed and she was able to get up and sit in the chair for 3 hours this afternoon. She did one hour in the chair this morning and many laps of walking. She was so comfortable this afternoon. I hated to see her get back in bed. She is back in bed and suffering some again now at 9 pm. It is funny that the pain she has had in the last two days is related to the chest tubes (garden hoses) and her back. Both aren't really related to the actual surgery itself. I ache for her so much at these times. I guess it is part of the whole package.

Louise said today she is so much happier that it is Sunday, the 9th as opposed to Sunday, the 2nd. She was very nervous for her operation on Monday and now she has a whole week of healing behind her. So time does help and we can't wait for another week to pass so she can feel so much better.

I pray that she may have a restful night tonight and get over some of this pain.

Until tomorrow, thanks for all of your concern!



  1. I'm praying that Monday the 10th is the day the garden hoses are removed. That sounds painful. So glad for the slow, steady process. And I"m so thankful Spence, you, are by her side! Hugs. Lo

  2. Jody sat next to me in Sacrament today, Mary Lee on other side, missed you both today sitting up there by the Sacrament. I would find myself
    looking over there thinking about you both, as Jody whispered to me that she was going to the hospital today to see her mom, that her sisters were taking her. Louise, get well soon, you see how you're missed.
    God Bless you both, as always, your in my daily thoughts and prayers.

    Peggy D'Amato

  3. My dear Louise, keep working so hard on your healing. This is such a difficult time and you are do so well. Spence you are a jewel in her life and we thank you for your love and service to her. We love you both so much.

  4. So sorry that Louise is suffering so much. I too hope that today will be the day they can take the tubes/drains out - so she will be free of that discomfort. And I am also so glad today is the 10th instead of the 3rd is going to get better Louise. Thinking of you as always...thanks, Spence for keeping us all updated. Much Love, Janet