Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 17: An easy quiet day still in the hospital

I posted an early blog today at 3 pm to let everyone know that we need to wait another day to hopefully get released. Apparently the blog that I posted didn't allow comments. So I will give a short update in this second blog.

Even though her white blood cell count was very elevated this morning, I don't think that there is anything really wrong other then the fact that she has been ripped apart a few times and this poor body is trying to repair many hot spots. Of course, I am no doctor and don't know a thing but I thought I would make an educated guess. She showed no signs of anything serious going on. She never had a fever. Her vital signs were great all day and she didn't really feel achy or otherwise sick. We lounged in her new private room with the door closed all day so it was very peaceful. I would be surprised if they don't let her go home tomorrow. They will do the blood test early, so we should know early if she can go. Louise was very patient with the extra day. We will let you know tomorrow what the new verdict is.

Thanks for your attention.



  1. Just wanted to let you know that I check your blog daily and continue to pray for Louise and your family. Spence, thanks for keeping us so informed - you have done an amazing job. So glad things are looking up. I hope tomorrow is the day...

  2. I'm sorry you didn't get to go home today, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy your own room! Wishing you continued healing and peace!

  3. Here's hoping to a safe return home, I'm constantly astounded by the patience of Louise and yourself. You're both such troopers. Best of luck tomorrow. My thoughts will be with all of you tomorrow.
    Much love,

  4. Not a wonder Louise was patient, after having to have a room mate with
    guests that party until 11:30 pm. I bet she felt it a blessing today just to be able to shut the door.
    Hope she can get home tomorrow (today now, for the hoot owl that is), that would be nice......less stress at home for sure, but need to make sure on white blood count.
    24/7 in my thoughts and prayers for sure. Hope you can get back to work soon Spence, on your job job that is.......that will mean Louise is better for sure.
    Good nite, Peggy

  5. Hoping that today is the day to go home - but resting in your own room with the door closed can't be all bad! I'm sure it is getting old though - and home must sound so good right now. Love you both - Spence, thanks always for keeping us up to date. I bet your inbox at work is screaming for your return! Good luck with that....:)

  6. Sure hope today is the day, but I'm not holding my breath anymore. I tried that and looked like I was "puffing for cancer" (actually, I WAS;). Just knowing she is resting well and is relatively comfortable is reassuring. That poor body of hers has a lot of repair work to do, all of which takes time, effort and lots of rest! Sending best thoughts and prayers your way! Love, Deb

  7. I hope that Louise will soon be home resting in her own comfy bed. Healing does take a lot of time and patience. I guess you just have to expect the unexpected. My best to you.

    Love and prayers,