Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 14: Hurting Hoses are History!!

Louise lost 4 tubes but, most importantly, the last two hurting hoses were removed. Those chest tubes are what have caused her the most pain in the hospital. You would think it would be her two big incisions or the new connection of her stomach and esophagus. No, it was mostly these big chest tubes. They were probably 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter and were put in between her ribs all the way to the middle of her back on both sides. They have been there for 14 days. Today the last two on her right side were taken out. She also lost the epidural in her back and her catheter. It will help her so much not to have that pain. But it also means that her lungs and chest cavity are working the way they should and there are no air pockets left in her chest. It also means the fluids in the chest can be easily absorbed by her body. That marks a ticket for her release soon.

I wish I could say that she was without pain, but I can't. I think her braised chest is still pretty painful. That pain is supposed to go away soon. But she still has to get pain medication and it still played tricks on her conscious mind. She can fall in and out of sleep in 2 minutes and have something silly to say each time she wakes up. But she laughs about it too because she knows she is daydreaming. She had a very good afternoon and even got a visit from my parents. That was real fun for her. She walked 3 laps around the pod and it was so amazing to see how much faster they could get her ready without all the tubes. She still has 3 drainage J-tubes on her neck and abdomen, but they are small and so are the containers they are attached to. They won't come out until she leaves the hospital. She also has a feeding tube that will stay with her after the hospital until she can get enough oral nourishment. They also will need to take out the thousands of staples she has all over her body before she leaves. Right now she looks like she has several long zippers.

As you can tell I am anxious to see her released from the hospital. I think she is getting close even though she is in ICU still. She really qualifies to be out of ICU at this point, but I think this hospital has open beds in ICU and not in the other rooms. I am guessing, if nothing else goes wrong, that she could be released from the hospital on Tuesday or Wednesday. They haven't told us that but that is my guess.

I apologize for rambling and I know my grammar is atrocious, but you'll have to decipher what you can from this since I'm in a hurry to finish and go to bed.

Good night to you late readers who comment at all hours of the morning. You need to go to bed earlier also.



  1. What can I say, you're always right Spence, so I am one of those hoot owls
    up posting late.
    Anyway so glad to see Louise is doing so well and I think you are right on with reason still in ICU, so count your blessings here too. Nothing else will go wrong ....she will be going home soon. Maybe with few extra drugs but that is normal. If I can be of help let me know.
    Missed you both in church today, saw Jodi across the way. John Hicks spoke and the young man from Hawaii........I so enjoyed the speakers.

    24/7 in my thoughts and prayers. Later

    The "hoot owl"

  2. Yeah! Garden hoses gone! Just knowing she has diminished pain makes me so happy. It's so hard to think of such a dear, sweet soul suffering so much pain. She is one tough cookie, that girl! I just saw a photo Kelsey posted on FB. Webe looks absolutely beautiful and exudes such life. In the photo her happiness and love for life outweigh any pain in her expression. That's how strong she is!!! That's so great that soon she'll be home in the comfort of her own bed!! All of you will sleep much better! Spence, again thank you so much for so diligently keeping us posted on her progress. It makes me feel closer to her and you! Sweet dreams and prayers for another day of progress tomorrow. Love, Deb

  3. I just can't even imagine how exhausting the ups and downs of the last two weeks have been. Thanks again for all of the postings, Spence. I worry when there isn't a new one. I certainly pray that she will be able to leave soon. How could she not be in pain still with all they have done. I'm all for the la la land over the pain. Bless her for silliness. Love you much

  4. So great to hear of the progress!!!!!!

  5. This post makes me so happy, no more big tubes! I hope you both got lots of sleep, heres hoping to a quick release!

  6. So happy with the good a result of this hospital experience, Louise will probably forever have an aversion to garden hoses of any dimension! I can't imagine it all. Our prayers continue heavenward with our love.

  7. Hey Spence and Louise,

    So glad to hear that the hoses are history! yipee
    We miss you both so much and can't wait to hear that Louise is out of the hospital. Here is to hoping Tuesday or Wednesday are the big day.

  8. Hurray!!! I am so glad the "garden hoses" are now gone. It sounds like Louise is making wonderful progress. Thanks so much for the great updates. I hope that she will be home soon!


  9. We could hear Louise's sigh of relief clear over here in Peoria! The world is a better place today.

  10. Dear Louise and Spence,
    This is from Granddad who has had us print out your "reports" on Louise daily. He is glad that the hoses are out and that she is up and walking around. He says, "Don't leave the hospital too early!"

    He has been most concerned and wanted to get you this message. She is in his prayers and thoughts.

    darlene for Granddad

  11. Thank you for posting the updates on Louise. It is hard to know whether to call, visit, send flowers, food to the house...or what. We read these post nightly and are so grateful for the progress that Louise is making. We know of the horrible pain that this procedure (lungs "glued" to chest) is and how difficult it is to get ahead of the pain. Our experience with Bri and this is enough for one life two with our wonderful Louise. We continue to pray and ask for the miracles that you deserve.
    bob and darlene

  12. So so happy to hear about your progress, Louise. It is such a blessing to have the surgery over and the future looking so bright! I also am so glad the tubes are out - I can't even imagine the pain you have been in, Louise. We are just so thankful that you have weathered this so well - you will have an appreciation for good health - that none of us have. Just so so grateful - anxious to talk to you when you are feeling up to it. Also thanks to you Spence as well - it will be so great to be back on Lippizan Trail :) Love to you and your family, Janet

  13. Dear Louise,
    Dar and I are thrilled with your recuperation! We know that it has been an awful experience; we had to go through similar things with Bri. Through your strong will and faith (and major drugs) you were able to endure a terrible adventure. You and your family have been constantly in our thoughts and prayers and we forsee a healthy 2011.
    oxoxox bob and dar