Friday, February 25, 2011

Some random thoughts on precious things...

Last night I went out to dinner in Mesa with Spence's family. We really had a good time, and I got parts of other people's dinners, along with having some clam chowder. My father-in-law loved seeing me eat--he's had me at some meals where I haven't eaten anything. He has been such a great cheerleader to me during all this, and he always had great faith that things would all work out. Isn't it great to be around people that are so positive? (and who have so much faith).

I just found out that a very dear friend of mine has cancer. I am in denial, much as I was when I first found out about me. I hope that I can do anything to help her, because she has been there so much for me. Maybe having experiences like this helps to remind us of how much we need to support and help each other--and that makes it all worth it...just to be more aware of other people's suffering, and to do whatever we can to help and love them. People are so precious--time is just too short, not to tell them how much they mean to us...and to do all that we can to make their own personal roads that much smoother. I am so grateful that we don't have to make it through this life alone, and that the loved ones around us can share our joys and sorrows. I am also so grateful for prayer and for the love and concern that we feel from our Heavenly Father and from our Savior. May we each take time this day to reach out in love and compassion to all those around us. Sometimes just a little thing that we can do will mean so much. With all my love today and always, Louise


  1. Hi gal, well said and so true.........the things you said just made me think of a situation regarding reaching out to others even if it is a very very small thing we do.
    For example this past Sunday I stayed home with my sick hubby and reviewed my visiting teaching assignments. In reviewing my old notes
    for these sisters I figured I was wasting my time with some and even thought to myself I maybe bothering them to go to their house or call, because I was told by one sisters live in boyfriend not to bother with this sister, or told by another sister that she is done going to church, or by another that she is not interested, etc. etc. etc.................BUT, then I decided that I needed to reach out a little more, whats one more phone call! Well it is Sunday and they must all be home, maybe this is a better time to call working sisters, on a Sunday! WOW, I am so happy I called those sisters. One sister answered the phone in a sad tone of voice, I lifted my voice to a happy note and said Happy March Birthday in case
    I don't get you in March, this is sister D'Amato, just checking in on you to see if you are OK?? She was not OK, and told me why, said she just put her dad in a rest home, her daughter (divorced) and moved in with her with her very handicapped granddaughter and that she missed her husband (whom died in Oct. 2010), and work is killing her. It seemed just telling me helped her. Once again I invited her to church and promised to be their when she decides to come, and to bring her daughter and granddaughter. This one sister alone made it worth while reaching out. Sometimes we allow ourselves to judge situations or other peoples actions, I am guilty of this also, but I think we need to allow the spirit within to guide us rather than our own judgement, yet still use good "judgement", most of us have used bad judgement in our lives somewhere along the line but it is never too late to start reaching out to others along life's short span.
    Like you said Louise, people are precious, time is just too short, we need to support each other.
    Thank you Louise for such a special message, just like you to be reaching out to others in such a special way when you are just starting to recover from all those trials set before you, you are amazing!

    Take care of yourself,


  2. Louise,

    Thanks for the special reminder. We really do need each other in the good times and the bad times. I hope that your friend will feel love and support during her difficult time. I am sure you will have special insights in how to help.


  3. Louisa,
    You are right about people and time being precious. The most important things come down to our relationships with family and friends and being able to support and stand by one another.
    Your experience and reflections have continually reminded me of this. It's just so easy to lose sight of these things in the busyness of daily living.
    Love, Suzy