Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to bed...and it's a good thing!

I am not sick in bed, but for the last two nights, I have actually slept in my bed. Ever since I got home from the hospital, I have been sleeping in our recliner in our room. It just gave me more flexibility during the night. I tried one night of sleeping on the wedge in the bed and it was just too stiff and uncomfortable to me. So then the recliner just worked better. I could pile on blankets and have enough pillows to keep me elevated. A couple of days ago I felt like I could try my bed again. Since I have my stitches out of my side, and feel more comfortable sleeping on my side (at least at times), it has worked out well. Getting in and out of the recliner at night wasn't always the easiest thing, but it worked out ok. Spence now gets his recliner back so he can watch the news!

Spence worked very hard outside on President's Day. I folded laundry and read, and worked on some Scout things with my son, Brady. On Sunday I was able to go to 2 hours of church (I'm increasing it each week by one hour). I was much less exhausted this time of going than I was last I hope that means I am gaining more energy. Someone told me that I didn't look as pale this week--so I hope that's a good sign also.

We got the news last week that our son, Brian, and his wife, Keri, are expecting their second baby. We are so excited. With that one and Emily's due in May, we will have 3 grandchildren--I can't believe it!

I'm just going to say again how thankful I am to be done with the feeding tube. It was really uncomfortable and pulled on my stomach (or intestines--we're not sure what part of the body we're talking about now!) and caused me some pain. I am also thankful to eat regular food--I love the tangelos from our tree. I enjoy being able to keep things down! :) Spence is especially thankful that I can eat again. I am even doing better swallowing pills!! So that's my report for right now. I was going to go to a church class this morning, but things didn't quite work out. Thanks again to you all--I pray that I can support you like you have supported me. Much love always, Louise


  1. I sounds like you are getting back to a more normal life! That is wonderful that Brian and Keri are also expecting a baby. You have many good days ahead :)


  2. Well grandma, you are going to catch up with us soon. I'm so happy you are doing so well. There is nothing like our own bed. We love you tons.

  3. What a blessing and delight to eat fresh citrus!!!! My favorite! Hearing your step by step progress is wonderful. You are loved by people here and beyond the veil.