Friday, February 11, 2011

Coming along one baby step at a time...

Spence says he's going to have to take charge of the blog, since I am just not consistent enough in writing. My life doesn't change that much from day to I just give you updates. I am doing pretty well. Today Brady and I walked around our cul-de-sac twice--that's pretty good for me. Today was a better day for me because I wasn't gone as much as yesterday. I only went out once with Kelsey who took me to get some frozen yogurt--it was delicious!

Yesterday I had to have blood work done to see how my cumadin levels are (regulating how thin my blood is). Then Kelsey took me down to meet Spence and we had lunch at Subway. I had some soup. Then we went to the GI doctor. He was really nice, and spent time helping both of us. We talked about my C-Dif, and the flagyl I'm taking for that. He is going to keep me on it for quite a while--I just hope that the C-Dif will finally leave my system. He was pleased with how I look. He is still in amazement that I got cancer--see, you just never know.

On the way home from the doctor's, Kelsey and I stopped to get some by the time we got home, we were BOTH wiped out. I still have to pace myself, and try to not put too much into one day. One baby step at a time...

My eating is going great. However, I still can't eat much at one time. I get feeling bloated if I eat too much, or if I'm on the feeding tube for too long. I love being able to eat salads and fruit again. I just have to be careful. When they did the surgery, they took out the valves to my stomach and my esophagus. That makes it interesting if I happen to lean over after I eat--sometimes I can feel all that food coming back up! It doesn't, but it's still a weird sensation. I am able to be alone during the day--I read, crochet, and try to work on my computer, and of course (as you well know) take my naps. Have a great weekend!! Love you lots, Louise


  1. Hurray, Hurray for your progress! It is wonderful that you are gaining strength and eating more. I am sure you will eventually adjust to your new digestive system. Thanks for the update. You are great!


  2. So does that mean you can't walk on your hands immediately after eating? Good idea to wait at least a half hour before turning upside down!
    Great progress!

  3. Well we like reading updates on how you are doing! So glad you were able to go out with the family. :)

  4. I love it when you have such a great report. You keep it up and we'll keep praying for you. We love you tons.

  5. It is wonderful you are finally doing bette1

  6. Happy Valentine's Day - a day early:) So glad you are doing a little better. So happy that you can crochet again - and eat some regular food. I'm with the GI doctor - can't believe still that you have gone through what you have. So so grateful - that the cancer is gone and you are making babysteps. Love you, my friend....Janet

  7. TODAY is SUNDAY....February 13th, post from you today Louise, so-ooooo I will tag this post onto your Friday post!

    You looked absolutely beautiful today in sacrament service! Chaz and I sat in middle behind you some 7 or 8 rows & Chaz actually asked me if
    that was you holding a baby (as Spence passed the sacrament), I had to look again before I said yes! Guess neither one of us expected you to look so good after all you've been both looked good. Was so happy to see you both smiling and your hugs are as strong as ever as well as your brisk walk Louise, see people are watching you gal.
    So I will share a little more with you here. Chaz and I enjoyed hearing Mary Lee speak on Love and Valentine's Day messages, blended in with Christ's teachings on compassionate services, therefore I felt it was a good day to make a compassionate (unassigned) call on a very special person today (he stood in for my father and gave me away at my wedding last year), President Clive Larson, I think you met him.

    Clive had open heart surgery a few months ago in Utah but had a fall here at his sons home recently and broke his back. His wife Bea (both in their 90's) welcomed our visit of several hours. Clive told Chaz he was in great pain but nevertheless talked about the church and his life.
    At one point his wife Bea said to me, I can't understand why he is having to endure so much (he has been so selfless all his life). I said, Bea, you remember nearly 40 years ago in New Orleans, La. "you" taught me about how we are here to be tested, tried, proven and to endure to the end..........same as Orson F. Whitney stated, as you have the quote here,
    to become more worthy to be called the children of God. And, I guess also, some individuals live so close to Heavenly Father while in this life that they can't be tested any other way ....other than the devil trying to break their spirit, trust and faith. I do believe this issue of health tests entire families! Clive said today, with tears rolling down his face, the physical pain is awful, but what is worse is watching my entire family go through the pain of "watching me" suffer! We all have so much to learn in life don't we? My heart feels the pain of you all in these situations but I know the Lord has a reason each and every time for someone, be it you or Clive or maybe for all others to benefit in some way. For me I benefit because I see your strength Louise, like Clive's, as well as your spouses and extended families.

    Thank you Louise (and Spence too) for being such good examples of trusting in God and the Priesthood blessings along with prayer.
    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to a special couple.

    Your friend,