Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The rebel patient

I have a confession to make--I am a rebel patient. In other words, I'm not a very patient patient. Just ask Spence--he'll tell you. I am terrible about taking medicine. I hate anything that I have to drink, and make quite a big deal (I guess I must really grimace when I take it) of having to drink anything. For so long, I haven't been able to take pills, and now that I can, I still have problems swallowing some of them. I think part of it is in my head from all that time of not being able to keep anything down--I still worry that I will be able to.

Earlier this week, I couldn't stop from sleeping. It was like I had a sleeping sickness. I've felt that way with the C-Dif before, but I've been taking medicine for a while, so that shouldn't be the problem. We even have guys here working on our roof, and I can sleep through all that pounding--I am pathetic!! In the last couple of days, I've tried to stay up more--I'm even doing a few things around the house--some wash, some dishes, etc. It makes Spence feel like he's not doing everything himself. (he does get help from the kids, but still ends up doing a lot of stuff himself.)

They are still trying to balance my cumadin levels--I guess it's a pretty tricky thing. However, now when we go to have blood tests, we go to a much smaller clinic that no one knows about--that 3-hour wait was just TOO long! At this one, they get us in in about 20 minutes--it's great.

Tomorrow we go to see the surgeon again...and hopefully get my feeding tube out. For some reason, this one (different feeding tube) has given me more problems...and hurt more. I am ready to have it gone--I just hope I can eat enough to keep me going. I still think it's funny that I have to worry about getting more calories--since when has THAT been a problem. Well, have a great day--thanks for reading. Love you all a lot, Louise


  1. Louise don't be so hard on yourself. I think a person needs to listen to
    his body and the body tells you when it needs rest, your body heals as
    you rest and sleep. I needed 9 hours of sleep growing up! Now, believe it or not, as my husband found out, I am grouchy and run tired all day if I do not get at least 8 full hours of sleep, better with 8 1/2. When sick I sleep all day long! Soooooo, I think your just healing.
    As for the cumadin, serious drug, I was on that, then heparin (same thing), then recently my heart doctor started me on "red rice pills" and will take blood in another week to see if it helps keep blood thin, hoping cumadin and heparin are serious stuff I know, but then I was on heparin for years, not injection, under tongue, but that
    is better that a major blood clot, no kidding! So many different issues when you are out of surgery that you have to deal with, but you can do it gal, in time you'll not need to sleep so much.....until then just enjoy your time to dream. You're just healing and sleep helps this process.

    Your friend always, Peggy

  2. Louise I forgot something......regarding pill swallowing pills. I tell you after my tumor (size of a golf ball) was removed in 1998......I to this day "can't swallow large pills". Now I tried to get two surfax down in 2004, they got stuck in my throat glued like together! The paramedics came, told me to sit upright with head down a bit and wait until they I did and they gave me a cup of warm/not hot hot...water, told me to take very small sips of warm water to melt the pills apart and slid them down. My heart skipped beats for hours with fear. The fear is worse than the stuck pill. The paramedics did not want the pills to go down the wind pipe so managed how i moved until they were sure all was ok. you would think I learned from this but no I did not, I did it again in 2009, so long story short now, my doctors only give me tiny pills or they order liquid most cases this works, but the red rice with yeast for thinning blood is a large pill, so I take it out of the capsule and mix it in with some choc pudding or whatever, it tastes. I hope this information helps you ...coming from a friend whom has been there and done that least you know your not alone!
    Me again! PEG
    awful so choc helps.

  3. Oh Webe, I love the rebel in you! I think it is what has made you fiesty enough to get through this battle! So keep at it, girl! ;)
    Love you loads, Deb

  4. I'm in agreement with both Deb and PEg. We love the rebel but SLEEP is your friend. Don't rebel against sleep. I think it is a rare person who can sleep through roofing. I think I'm with you on that skill! Can't wait to hear how the visit to thee surgeon goes today! Love you. Lo

  5. glad you are sleeping while all that hammering is going on......I've been thinking about!