Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hooray--I am FREE!

HOORAY--I no longer have a feeding tube--is that the best news ever? I am so excited, and was just so grateful and happy after seeing my surgeon, Dr. Perry. Last weekend I had discovered some stitches that had never been taken out, so he took those out too. The whole thing was a little unnerving and temporarily painful...but it didn't last long, and now I am no longer attached to my tree, and my yucky formula!! Spence was there, so I could squeeze his hand when it got a little painful--how blessed I am to have him by my side. He has made such a difference. The doctor was actually more personable than usual, so it was a good we didn't have to travel down to his office by Good Samaritan Hospital--he actually has one right here in Scottsdale. It was all good. So now I am eating on my own...and need to keep my calorie count up. I'm up for the challenge! :)

The last couple of days I have had some more energy. I haven't taken a morning nap either morning, and I have done a little more around the house. Today Brady and I took a longer walk around the neighborhood, so that was good too. The roofers are still here, still pounding, and that could be one of the reasons that nap-taking isn't quite as easy! It has just been a happy day. This feeding tube was much more painful to me--it really pulled on my skin and got kind of grotesque and bloody. Next week I could actually go swimming...if it was warm enough. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and encouraging words. I have the most wonderful friends in the world. Take care, and have a good Friday. Love you, Louise


  1. Glad you got that feeding tube out, one less thing to bother you.
    NOW, as for the noise (roof), your're going to call me a know it all pretty soon......but once again I've been there and "still doing" that! The D-Backs are building their new 12 fields across the street from us and the city not only rebuilt Pima Rd., but added a new road 20 feet from our back block wall. Had roof redone due to hail & with cement trucks and sewer lines being cleaned out and statium being built, etc.!! Got so bad we rented a house in Sedona a few weeks to rest.
    So oooo my solution has been to wear "EAR PLUGS", what a way to live. Louise last week the house was vibrating (rat-a- tat...rat-a-tat..tat) for hours at a time, at 8 pm...then 1AM.....yesterday again at 8pm. We still can't figure out, even called Paul Cherrington to help. Paul has City of Scottsdale jumping hoops to figure out, they now have something somewhere on property to check vibration. We though maybe was trimmers from earthquake.
    WELL, I just wanted to share this with you in hopes it would make you feel better to know your not alone on this either!
    I have tried all kinds of ear plugs, don't get hard ones, hurts o sleep on, will wake up with head ache and ear ache, tee hee, what more can a person do but laugh about it......and the D-Backs better win after all they put us through!
    Thinking of you and keeping you in our heart, thoughts and prayers.

    Peggy (Chaz too)

  2. That is such awesome news. Chocolate Chip cookies, anyone?

  3. Yes! Can we bring out the cookie dough? You could pick a day and time and then all of us, wherever we are, could celebrate with you.
    Seriously (not to say that cookie dough isn't serious), this is such happy news Louisa. I'm grateful your feeding tube is out and that you have more energy.

  4. Great news Louise! Things are really looking up! =D

  5. Bravo!!!! Olé! So glad your dancing solo ((when not in Spence's embrace!). I remember being there the day they hooked you up to the pump because the gravity method was forcing too much too fast. That seems like so long ago and you even had the feeding tube long before that. You are amazing to have tolerated all that for so long! Ahhhhh, swimming- that sounds so therapeutic and soothing- and great for building stamina and strength. I hope you get enough warm days soon so that you can take the plunge. ;) Love you loads, Deb

  6. *you're not your!!! Silly autocorrect! :-/