Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another recuperating day...

Things are pretty much the same around here. This week I've been by myself in the mornings, and done just fine. I do about the same routine--Spence fixes me some breakfast in the morning (usually toast and some pear sauce--today, even a little banana), and then I get on my feeding tube. When I'm tired of that, I take a nap...and then pretty soon Kelsey is home from school. The one thing that we worry a little about is me choking--with my new digestion "aparatus" (basically my new stomach and intestines), I need to be careful that I can swallow...and that I don't throw anything up. I have actually done very well that way...and am able to keep everything down. What a blessing that is! Tonight it was meat loaf, corn and a roll--and I ate quite a bit of all that. I think that Spence enjoys watching me eat more than anything! He hated it when I couldn't keep anything down, and just had to sit at the table. He is a great fan and supporter, and I appreciate him a lot.

I am still sleeping on the recliner, but last night I did take a nap in our bed. I have to be propped up quite a bit--again so that I won't aspirate. I got so full on my feeding tube (sometimes I get this bloated feeling), and I didn't feel like eating any real food for dinner. It's times like that when I wish progress could just be continuous, and that there were no setbacks...but I guess that's life. (plus that really wasn't too much of a setback)

Today was cold again (remember this is cold for Phoenix), so Brady took me out on the treadmill and I did a whole 7 minutes. I'm adding a little each time. :) A friend came by today. It always amazes me that I can get winded just by walking someone to our front door or standing for too long. I know that will get better too. :) Have a great Thursday. Love you, Louise


  1. It sounds like you are moving in the right direction! Keep it up!!! I'd take the Phoenix cold over the Utah cold any day ... ;) Take good care.

    Lots of Love,

  2. A little progress each day. It's always nice to read about you being able to eat new things. I'm wondering about the aspiration concern. Is this a matter of giving your new digestive "aparatus" time to get used to what it is supposed to do?
    Lots of love. Suzy

  3. Happy you are improving each day. You are taking the journey so well. We love you and can't wait to see you when you are able.