Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A very Thankful Thanksgiving

Well, it has now been nearly a week since Thanksgiving, but it was a great time. Thanksgiving was my mother's favorite holiday, and in many ways, I think it is mine too. I love the idea of just focusing on things you are thankful for, instead of always thinking of the things that you don't have or that you think you want. I was so thankful that all of my girls could be home for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, our son, Brian, and his family weren't able to come, but other than that, everyone else was here. It was a lot of fun. The best times were when we were doing something together and could just visit as we worked together. We made parts of Thanksgiving dinner together. Our new son-in-law, Cody, is from Idaho--so we used his expertise in making mashed potatoes. Our daughter, Emily, needed to make some things for a Young Women's program that she is in charge of so we helped her with those...both those times, it was fun to be together and working and talking together. The boys all played in a football game with our ward members, and then on Saturday, they went to play racquetball together. My kids did the crazy shopping Black Friday sales late on Thursday night. Now I have to say that having stores open on Thanksgiving made me a little bit sad. I have always loved that day and its non-commercialism, so I felt badly that people were shopping and that stores were open. By the way, I went on Saturday, and there were very small crowds, and most of the deals were still on. That's the way I like it a lot better! I just missed the doorbusters, where people literally fight for the deals. Thanks, but no thanks!! :)

I loved having my kids home. I loved this Thanksgiving as I thought of a year ago when I was just recovering from chemo and radiation...and where I was anticipating a major surgery in January. To be able to have Thanksgiving at our home, and to be able to host 32 people there was truly a blessing. My kids helped a lot, and I could eat food--and enjoy all the yummy things! Spence had me say the prayer for Thanksgiving dinner--he told me that he did that, because I had the most to be grateful for...and that is true. I will post a couple of pictures of our family. The baby is Emily's baby, SJ. Family times can be kind of crazy, but it is good to be with people whom you love and who love you back.

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  1. I am still reading your posts, the baby is a blue eyed doll baby. Looks like Spence a lot, maybe the eyes. Louise I saw you from a distance in church Sunday, you really are looking pretty gal, that smile never seems to change, so refreshing.