Saturday, November 19, 2011

Great News--Still a survivor!

Yesterday was a wonderful day in my cancer journey...and it is a journey. You have to keep checking in with the doctors and having tests to see how you are doing. On Monday I had a pet scan, which is a test that shows if there is any cancer in your body. You do an MRI, and different areas "light up" if there is cancer there. It is a very easy test, in most ways. While you are waiting for the scan, you get to relax in an easy chair listening to music. They even let me listen to music as I was going through the actual scan. Yesterday we met with my cancer doctor, and the pet scan was perfectly CLEAR--no sign of cancer anywhere! We were so happy and grateful. We decided this time not to tell anyone that we were doing the test--it seems harder when other people are worrying along with you, so we figured we would just let people know the news when we knew what the news was! That makes it a year since I have been cancer-free. If any of you remember, I did not have cancer when I did my surgery in January, but needed to do the surgery just to make very sure that we had gotten it I needed the surgery so I could swallow again. I guess when you have any disease, you always have the thought lurking in your mind, "what if it comes back?" That is always a possibility, so every time we hear that it is NOT back, we are grateful for the gift of more time. It has made me feel very thankful to my Father in Heaven, and made me also very aware that He has spared my life...and that I need to do all that I can to seek to do His will, and to do those things that He would want me to. He has given me the gift of extending my life, and I need to do what I can to serve Him, and to show my thanks by the way that I live. Spence is so happy and thankful--and I owe him big time for all his love and support through this continuing challenge. I have many other people to thank too, especially my sisters, who have been so loyal and devoted and caring through all of this. For me this year, Thanksgiving has already come!


  1. Oh Louise!!! This is such wonderful news. I am thrilled for you and your family. Life will taste so sweet from now on.

  2. Happy News!!! I am so glad you are still cancer free. What a relief :)

  3. P.S. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!