Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hanging out with my kids!

It has been quite a while since I wrote--almost 2 weeks. It has been a crazy time, and I just haven't made the time to write in here...but I have a lot of news to tell. I am in California right now with my son, Brian, and his wife, Keri, and their TWO sons, Logan (who is 2) and Colton, who is 5 days old! He was born while I was in Utah with my two daughters, Emily and, you can see, I am getting the bonus of seeing several of my kids...and all of my grandsons! Pretty lucky, huh? It was parents' weekend at BYU, so I was there with Kelsey for that. I am including a picture of her in her brand-new warm coat that we bought while we were there. It was great to be on BYU campus--I loved going to that school, and there is a great spirit there.

Before I went down there, I spent the evening with Emily and her 5-month old, he'll be in the picture in the car seat. He looks so much like her, it's pretty unbelievable...and we had a fun evening with him, while he was trying with all his might to crawl--SOOO cute!

I got to be with my dear friend, Sharie Johnson, and all her kids and her parents on Sunday night...and that was a big treat too. I grew up with her, so her kids are like my family, and her parents like my second parents. It was wonderful to be with them all.

Then Monday (yesterday) I flew to Sacramento via Portland, and then took a shuttle to Redding, where Brian lives. This baby is so cute, so the newborn would be our brand-new Colton. He looks so much like his brother, Logan, and so far is as good a baby as Logan was--quite amazing. :) I am enjoying being with all of them, and hopefully getting to do some things to help them. Holding the baby is just a bonus if you ask me!! :) what a treat! Spence and Brady will come up on Friday, and we will have him blessed on Sunday--so it is a happy time for our family.

Oh, and one more thing. Since I wrote, Brady did his Eagle project, so I will put up a picture of him with his fellow Scouts. They are good boys, and were a great help. Brady did an awesome job of organizing the whole thing--if you can believe it, we had 41 people from our ward (our local Church congregation) come. We had so much help, and we got that house looking spotless! Great work from a lot of very nice and supportive people.

So, that's it from here. So far my health has held up. Climbing stairs in the altitude at BYU was pretty tiring...but I made it ok. I loved seeing all the fall leaves, and enjoying that cool, crisp fall air. :)If I don't get back to writing in time, a happy Halloween to all of you!


  1. Congratulations on the new grandbaby! I am glad you have done well with all your travels. Have a wonderful Halloween (:

  2. Congrats on the new handsome grandbaby!