Monday, April 25, 2011

News from doctor

In all the excitement of having my friend, Sharie, here, I forgot to tell about my last doctor's appointment. It was last Tuesday with the GI doctor...and it wasn't a great appointment. Most of us have had an experience with a doctor who doesn't have much of a bedside manner, and this visit was one of those classic ones. It seemed like anything that Spence or I said, he had some negative thing to say about it. We were concerned about my stomach problems. They seemed to be related to when I drink milk or milk-type products. We mentioned that to him, and he pretty much discounted our opinions. Later on, when Spence said that it made me feel yucky when I ate things related to milk, he said, "Well, then don't feed her milk products." The whole appointment was kind of like that, where he discounted everything that we said. He told us later then to avoid milk products, and to eat more pasta and breads--in other words, load up on the calories. I had lost more weight since our last appointment, and he was not happy with that. He used the words that I was doing "bad," which wasn't a great thing to say to me that day (I don't like going to the doctor about my cancer anyway, so saying that I wasn't doing well was very discouraging to me)...and then he prescribed me to do some blood work, and have another endoscopy (which I'm doing on Wednesday of this week), and to schedule a pet see if there is any more evidence of cancer. Needless to say, I came away from that appointment, discouraged. However, Spence and I both know that they need to do these tests to see how I'm it's all part of the process. Once I got away from that negative appointment, I got better--and now I'm ready to go through more testing.

Since I haven't drunk any Ensure or Boost, or had any milk shakes, I seem to be doing better. That may just be a coincidence, but whatever it is, it is nice not to feel sick after eating. My brother-in-law was amazed at all the food I took at Easter, and that I could eat it. :) So I am doing better.

We really had a nice Easter--we went to church, of course, and I even got to teach a Sunday School lesson--that was fun. Then we went to Spence's sister's house in Mesa, and had a good visit there. I laid down after dinner, and was totally entertained by the little grandchildren who were there. We had a great time talking! Well, hopefully everything will check out okay with these tests--I'll keep you posted, when I know something. Take care, and have a great day. Love you, Louise


  1. I like REbecca's idea. that necessary??? Hope tomorrow goes well. Lo

  2. Boy, that was a doctor's appointment to (try to) forget about! I'm so, so glad that you have been feeling better Louisa. Hope all goes very well tomorrow. Love, Sussa

  3. Suggestions:
    1) Replace Doctor - It has been my experience that doctors who truly lack knowledge in the nutritional area get defensive (and consequently, "offensive") when questioned about diet. Jerks like that do not need to be dealing with cancer survivors, or anyone else that is sick! He needs to be fired! :-)
    2) You probably have developed an allergy to milk proteins since your body has gone through so much. Try plain yogurt (add fresh/frozen fruit and/or real maple syrup for flavor), and see if you have trouble with that. Kefir is another milk product that you may be able to digest. Sour cream or buttermilk are also some to try. All will add calories if you go for the whole milk, but the fermentation process usually helps to breakdown the milk protein and therefore, easier to digest.
    3) Perhaps, try fruit smoothies using plain yogurt and thinning with oat milk. Bananas have a lot of calories and can be used as a natural, vitamin-rich sweetener. Try to avoid soy, if you are not already doing so. Our modern day version of soy throws off thyroid gland balance and wears down the immune system.
    4) Lentils and beans have very high protein and calories (lentils being especially nutritious).
    5) Brown rice, quinoa, and other "whole" grains will add nutrients to your body and not "rob" your body of nourishment - which is what regular flour products will do.
    6) Sprouted grains and legumes are easiest to digest and highest in protein.
    7) A simple digestive enzyme may help you restore some balance to your system.

    I had a doctor tell my brother one time (when Bill had gone blind in his right eye) that if we provide the nutritional and healthful tools that our bodies need, our bodies can renew and rebuild. (The doctor helped Bill regain sight in his right eye.)

    These are just a start to some sound nutritional advice. If you would like more suggestions, just give me a call on my cell or email me. I can help you with ideas, recipes, whatever you need. (cell: 480-766-8818 / email: ) Please remember how much it would bless my life, if you allow me to be of service to you. (Yes. It's all about me! ;-)

    Love to you, Spence and the family.

  4. Sorry you had such a yucky doctor visit. =P It does sound like you might have figured out the problem yourselves. Good luck with all of the tests.

    Much love,

  5. I agree with Tamara, "FIRE HIM"! I recently went to a new "endrocologist", referred by my internist doctor. He treated me agressively and I wound
    up in ER (6 months ago)....soooooo I called him and said, you are fired",
    don't bill me either! So if you will have a bill, you need to fire him.
    Also, Tamara's sounds like she has lots of good advise on diet, maybe I
    need to use it as well.
    Also, I am still in problems with gout, due to a heart med that is given by
    my heart doctor, causes high uric acid, also my protein count is too high and vit D is too low, etc etc meds are not working still!!!! Maybe have to rely on a blessing as doctors aren't the answer, so have
    a call into George Reeves, Alice answered and she has the problem I delth with for the first 6 months of 2011, vertigo, I feel so bad for her. Seems so many in our Ward are having to deal with so many health issues, must be the Lord sees we need the test of fire, so be it, will only make us love Him more! Hang in there gal, we all love you lots, if I don't write a lot is because hard to sit with foot down a lot.
    Luv Peg