Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love that Kelsey Girl!!

I just enjoyed a great weekend, listening to our General Conference. We listen to talks from many of our leaders, and it is very inspiring and uplifting. It always seems to come at the right time--when I am feeling depleted spiritually and need a spiritual "boost." I am so thankful for leaders who are in tune with Heavenly Father, and who encourage us to live in such a way that we can have His spirit to be with us.

I have not felt totally well the last few days. I have had an upset stomach at times, and I am experiencing more hot flashes--sigh, not fun! I'll talk to my doctor tomorrow, and hopefully get some ideas of what I should be doing. It has also been hotter temperature wise here, so that is part of my problem too! Today I took a 3-hour nap, so I still am not 100% on energy--still working on that. Last week I worked out 3 times at the cancer center, and did a little more each day. I also met with my oncologist for my once-a-month appointment, and I guess things are going along all right. This week I have an ultrasound to see if I still have the blood clot that I got in the hospital. But, on the whole, I am doing well.

I am posting a picture of me and my daughter, Kelsey. For those of you who have followed my blog, you have read several times about her. She has been an incredible help to me, and totally sacrificed to be with me and do errands for me, etc. She has really given me lots of service, and I love and appreciate her so much. I want to tell you about what she did for me this week that really touched me. I was bringing dinner into a friend, but had had a busy day already--gone to the doctor, worked out, gone grocery shopping. I was tired. I was talking on the phone to another one of my daughters, and said something about being tired. Kelsey wasn't in the same room, but she had overheard me. I went to rest for a minute before starting the dinner, and in she came, to tell me that she would make the casserole and the salad for these people. She wanted me to take a little rest so I could keep going for the rest of the day...and that's what she did--made the dinner basically for them. That is the kind of person Kelsey is--she is sensitive to people's needs and then goes out to serve them. She has done so many things for me and I am just so thankful for her. Truly she has been a great blessing in my life this year--I am going to miss her so much when she goes to college in the fall. To top it off tonight, she played the piano--I LOVE having her play the piano for me!! :) Anyway, that is a summary of my life for the past few days. Have a happy Monday--love to all, Louise


  1. Yes, Conference was amazing and I didn't want it to end. And yes you have wonderful children who have been so loving and caring and cheerful at the same time.
    I'm sorry your days have not been as well as we would all hope. We are continuing to pray for you.
    Love, Becky

  2. Daughters just get better and better. They will become your best friends. Just be thankful for each day. YOu are loved.

  3. Beautiful daughter, beautiful picture. I love the story about Kelsey making the dinner for your friend.
    I hope your doctor's appointment was helpful today and that you'll soon be feeling better again. You know, if it gets too hot in Arizona you're always welcome to come to California. You might have a few of us fighting over who gets to have you though...

  4. I would say that Kelsey learned from the best . . . you!! She is a beautiful young woman. Just like her mom. I hope you are feeling better today. Take care.


  5. Beautiful photo! You look great & Kelsey is gorgeous. Thank you for the sweet note the other day. It made my day to see your familiar penmanship & read those nice words. You are a gem to me! :)

  6. Very very dear story and I'm sorry I hung up on you last night. My phone has an attention span like mine.

  7. Just catching up with you today. Yeah for wonderful children! So happy to see you doing so well. I send my love.

  8. I love Kelsey so much! And this photo is so cute!

  9. Thanks for dinner Kelsey!!! You are the best!! And i was looking up photos on Marnee's site to decide where to have Erin's done and your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! What a lovely girl you are! Louise, how was Fiddler on the Roof? I hope you all had a wonderful time.