Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good News from the Doc

Well, it was good news from the endoscopy! In fact, the doctor said it couldn't have been better. Now, THAT'S the kind of news we love to hear! He said that the stomach looked exactly how it should look. So we are very happy and thankful. Next Wednesday I get to have a pet scan to see if there are any traces of cancer in there...but for now, we will just rejoice in this latest news. For all of us, in whatever we are dealing with, life is kind of a roller coaster, isn't it? We are at the top of the roller coaster right now, and we are happy about that. Hang on in whatever part of the roller coaster you happen to be on right now.

To make things even better, I heard from each of my kids today--so nice to know they care and are thinking of me. That made my day. Love to all of you, Louise


  1. What a great report. So happy you heard from each of your kids. You certainly taught them right. Keep up the great work and we love you!

  2. Wonderful! Now quit losing weight! Sounds like milk products are the bad guys.

  3. Roller Coaster, never thought of it like that before, but if remember correctly how it felt, being at the top was a beautiful view, climbing
    up was frightful and coming down made my heart pump faster and
    faster and faster.......having both feet on the ground seemed the
    easiest part.......yes life is like that, ups and downs and routine.

    Anyway, you really made me think about this. The good part is when
    life has its downs we have the priesthood for blessings to make it
    through these hard times. Making life with its roller-coaster rides
    easier, more understandable ......and helps us to endure to the end as

    So glad your tummy is doing so well, have a great day. I still can't walk,
    darn it, but doing much better today.