Monday, April 11, 2011

Celebrate Louise Day!

Today is Celebrate Louise Day! It is her birthday and we are thrilled to be celebrating my sweet sister. She is my hero: I love her strength, sense of humor, kindness, sassyness, attentiveness, and loving spirit. We are especially thankful today for our Father's hand on her life, her tenacity against cancer, her surgeon, the Roxy and the Zappers Team, her home team (Kelsey, Brady and Spence), her friends who feed, transport and encourage her, her hobbies (thanks Marty for fanning that fire), and of course, her fave: Ensure, keeping her from wasting away. It takes a village to keep a woman whole. It takes a village to love and celebrate her. So let's do it! She's worth it!!!


  1. Happy Birthday my wonderful aunt, you inspire me every day!

  2. Happy Birthday Louise!!! I hope your day is wonderful and fun. You are amazing!

    Much love,

  3. Mom,

    Happy birthday!!! we hope that it is a fantastic day filled with family and love. We think you are just amazing, in fact we could say that you are one "baby making" woman.

    Happy Birthday

  4. Happy Birthday, Mom!!

    We will call you later tonight to see how your day went, but just wanted to stop by your blog and wish you a happy birthday! Have a fantastic day! We love you!

  5. Happy Birthday again!
    Louise is my best friend and eternal companion. This has been a hard year for me to see her go through all that she has. You have made it through the pain before we knew it was cancer, then the chemo and radiation, the feeding tube, 2 very painful and difficult surgeries. But in spite of it all you still have a smile on your face and you keep inspiring and loving so many people--especially me. May you have a wonderful new year of your life. Love me (Spence)

  6. Happy Birthday, Aunt Louise!!

    I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are such a source of strength, joy and generosity of spirit. I wish you MANY more years of happiness and health!

    Lots of love from Minnesota!


  7. Love you Aunt Louise! Have a fabulous day!
    - Christy

  8. Tried to call - like your other bazillion friends. Hope your day felt special. Happy Birthday - how does it feel to be . . . 29 for one more year? Hope to see you soon.

  9. Dearest Mommy!!!
    I hate that i live so far away from you guys and cant be there for your birthday!You are truly an amazing woman and have inspired me all of my life! But especially watching you be so strong and watching all those whose lives you have touched jump at the chance to pull you up and through this lame cancer! You rock mom and I love you!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday friend! What an amazing journey you've been on since your last one....we are so grateful for you and your dear family. I'll always remember your birthday because you share it with Jonathan ;) Must be a good day for special people to be born! Hope to see you soon!!

  11. Does it count that I thought about you at least 10 times on your birthday? Forgive me for not turning one of those thoughts into a phone call. Our love and best wishes for continued good health!

  12. Happy Birthday, a little late! We sure do love you and are so happy that things continue to progress in the right direction.