Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday's Update

Hello everyone. I'm not sure if there are many of you reading this anymore, but I'll write anyway. I am including a picture of me on my birthday at Outback, where they brought us this yummy sundae (perfect size!), and all of us devoured it! It didn't take too long. :) I also am putting a picture in of me with my niece who just came to visit me, Meg Adair. I will put in one more crazy picture of her with Kelsey--my favorite pictures are the funny ones, where people put on their crazy faces! So enjoy them all. :)

I am doing pretty well. We are going to the GI doctor tomorrow. As I have written, I have had some stomach problems--I am trying to watch what I eat, to see if there is any pattern as to when I start feeling badly. It's more just a yucky feeling, rather than being totally nauseated. However, yesterday at Church I felt badly and sat outside in my car for all of sacrament meeting. After a while the feeling seems to pass, but it happens more often than we would like. We don't really know the cause of it--if it is remnants of my surgery, if it's because my plumbing has been changed,or if it's just feeling badly from time to time. We would like answers, but sometimes those are hard to get.

I have been working out at the cancer center. My arms are really stiff, and it is hard for me to reach for things. So the trainer there is working with me on trying to get those muscles to stretch, and to get them stronger. I wish this "process" was over, and everything could go back to normal...but so much for wishing! Anyway, that's about it from here. I hope you all are doing well. Love always, Louise


  1. Hi Louisa -- I haven't been commenting much lately, but still check often to see if you have a new blog post. These are wonderful pictures. Kelsey and Meg are very cute, and your smile is more beautiful than ever. It's like all the good inside you is shining through.
    I hope your appointment tomorrow will be helpful.

  2. Hi Louise. I still check your blog regularly. And you're still in my prayers, too.

  3. I guess we all want to reassure you that we check your blog regularly. Please let us know what this doctor has to say. It is most likely just a slow healing process. Hope you have more and more good days. Love, Nancy

  4. You know that I always check your blog. Thanks for keeping it updated. I love the pictures. You look great! Kelsey and your niece are cute too :) I hope you get some answers from the doctor.


  5. I check your blog too, Louise & enjoy the Kelsey picture. I sent her one earlier this week of jake at the beach. I'm so proud of her being accepted to the Y this fall.

  6. Hey Aunt Louise! I just wanted to say Hi! Also thanks for posting the cute pictures! I want to let you know that I have a special link in my iPod Touch just for this blog, to make sure I read it regularly!
    Big hugs! Love, Christy

  7. Yes, we all keep following your blog. You are always in our prayers and we pray that this bad feeling soon goes away. We love you so much and look forward to the day when you are all back to normal again.

  8. Yes, me too.....I am following, so don't think we all quit, we read everything you say ....even when we do not now I have been dealing with issues of my own again, my foot is killing me and big toe swollen and
    red, can't walk without a cane! So go to a quick clinic....Statclinix....figured
    he would at least xray, nope or give me pain percocet, major
    pain, I have Chaz doing everything for me while I cry real tears! I go from
    4 months of having equalibrium problems to pnemonia to a broken (maybe) foot....seems it rains it pours......but as I cry with my face all puffed up with
    my bottom lip out, I realize it could be worse and start counting my
    blessings. So don't think we are not here, we are Louise.......and love
    you more than ever, still calling you name into prayer line often (with my
    own!!) Hopefully we will be at party tomorrow nite if I can walk a
    little, bringing chaz's grandson, to meet Judy Roes grandson....they are same age.

    My pain level is awful, so sleep is not easy,,, so hope you sleep well and
    see you at party tomorrow night.
    Luv Peggy

  9. I hope they have a good answer for you with an easy solution! We love you!