Monday, June 13, 2011

Loneliness is no fun!

I had an experience this weekend that gave me just a small taste of how it feels to be alone...and it is NO FUN! My husband took our son to Scout camp, and my daughter is up in Utah with her Saturday I was all by myself. I was so bored--life is a lot more fun when you have someone to share it with. I thought I would get so much done, and be super productive, but I was just LONELY. It was hard not to have anyone here, and instead of feeling motivated, I just missed my people. It was good for me to realize how many lonely people there are in the world--who are alone every night and who face an empty house every day. My heart really went out to the many friends I have who are widows or have gone through divorces, and who face those empty moments so often. It is hard. I was very glad when my husband got home last night, and when my older daughter, Jodie, came to go to Church with me. I hope that I will be more mindful of people who are alone, and who have those feelings often. It made me grateful for my family, and for the majority of time when I am not alone. So may our Father bless all of you who may be lonely, and may He help all of us to be aware of the lonely people in our lives. Have a good one.


  1. Louise, I posted to the wrong date!!! Getting old, what can I say, at 70
    guess people just have to overlook my mistakes!

    I posted on your last post in response to your Loneliness is no Fun!

    If you have time, go back to is a hum-dinger and long,
    hope it gives some insight to being single, I was a pro at that! Jodie
    is also good at this, look how well she does, job, friends, church, family.


  2. Elder Winters (John) here.

    I really enjoy your posts. You and Spence are truly inspirations to me and my wife.

    We are now in Malaysia and are enjoying our missionary assignments. Many of our church members live in shacks on stilts over marsh-type land. Most have no electricity or borrow a extension cord from a neighbor at most. It is really humbling to visit them yet they are joyful, happy and grateful for what they have.

    I have been driving on the "wrong" side of the road now for 2 weeks and am still a little nervous about it. If I don't get honked at during the day, it is considered a good driving day.

    We send our love and you both are constantly in our prayers.


    John & Gaylene