Friday, June 3, 2011

Hanging out in Utah

Spence and I are up here in Utah with Emily. We also have Brady and Kelsey with us. We are here for the baby's blessing which will take place on Sunday. While we are here, they are going to have a baby shower for Emily tomorrow, and we are going to watch as another daughter, Kelsey, takes pictures for the wedding invitations for Katie. It's a busy family time. I know it is hectic for Emily to have family here, and to have to take care of her brand-new baby--she and Michael are nice to let us come invade. It is still chilly up here--pretty sunny days, but still kind of cool. Of course, we come from our hot desert, so practically anything would seem cool to us. :)

We had a tragic thing happen to a friend of ours yesterday. Jerry Shelley, who is a member of our LDS ward, was shot in Yuma. He was a divorce lawyer, and was shot by a man whose divorce he (Jerry) had worked on a few years ago. The man who shot him went on a shooting spree where he killed 6 people, including himself. Jerry and his wife were teachers for our son when he was still in the Church's childrens' organization (ends when the children turn 12), and Brady just loved him. He was a kind, good man, and it is such a loss to have had this happened. It is so senseless, and so random, and such a horrible tragedy. It is things like this that are so hard to understand. We are praying for his good wife, Nancy, and for their children. What a terrible loss. Life is so fragile, especially when there are people like this killer who harbor such hate and revenge. Life is so crazy at times. Again, another reminder that we need to treasure each day we have with loved ones.

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  1. Louise, you are so right, live for today, yesterday is gone, tomorrow may
    never come, we should of course prepare for tomorrow but treasure each
    day given us.
    I am also very sad about the loss of Jerry Shelley. Jerry and Nancy have
    been so attentive to me and my days in need, always trying to be there
    for me even when in Yuma or in California (sending me nice post cards).
    Always bringing me gifts on me her cell phone number in events of emergencies. I could never say enough good things about them.
    I did speak with Nancy the evening of the loss of her husband. Jerry was all packed in his office to retire that day (they were coming here the next day). Nancy said she will have a service in Yuma and in one week come here ( and maybe do a service here as well).
    My heart goes out to her, as I also have lived through this situation more than once, my grandmother was murdered and hung in our farm house barn. My cousin whom I was raised with as brother & sister was leaving to go to church and a crazy man out of a mental institute shot him and 6 others to death......other situations as well caused me to become numb at most funerals as if none of this was real, so no tears! Nancy will be in totally shock and will need the sisters a lot when she arrives here. I have offered any help I can give as well as to stay here in my guest room if needed.