Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabulous Doctors' Reports!

Hello everyone...or anyone who is still reading. You can spend tons of time reading blogs, and never getting anything else I totally understand if you don't even read this. However, I did want to report that I went to my GI doctor and to the surgeon this week...and both were so happy to report that I am doing GREAT! It was the last appointment we'll have with the surgeon...unless more surgery comes up sometime in the future (you never know what the future will bring!), and he was just so pleased with the way everything went. Basically, it all started when the radiation and chemo took care of that tumor. The surgery also went really well, and from the pet scan and the endoscopy, things are looking clear and good. Both said it couldn't have gone better. So I am extremely thankful to be where I am today...and not where I was a year ago--not knowing what was going on, but wondering why I couldn't swallow anything. Thank heavens for modern medicine, for competent doctors, for the great power of faith and prayer, and for priesthood blessings--all of them worked together to make me well, and I am very grateful.

I am also able to do better at exercising. I have been a little more consistent with taking my dog on walks...and I have been pretty faithful in working out at the cancer center practically every day. For quite a while, my arm really hurt--we couldn't figure out why, but now think that it had atrophied while I was recovering. After working out and working specifically on that arm, it has definitely improved. I can move it without it hurting, and I am getting stronger. So, another reason to be thankful!

Our remodel is a MESS! I've got to do something today to pick things up--it's just where do you put them when you pick them up? We now have tile in our bathrooms, pantry and utility room. We are totally into paper goods, since we have no dishwasher and only one bathroom with a sink in it. It makes you be creative...or just give up and go out to eat! It is also very HOT right now in Arizona--but we did get new air conditioning units...and we are certainly using them! Well, that is an update on me and on us. Things are looking good, and we are grateful for all the good results and positive reports. Thanks for your friendships--they mean the world to me! Love, Louise


  1. Wonderful news! What a difference a year can make. Keep up the exercise and good luck on the remodel. It sounds like it will be great.


  2. Still reading! It's great to hear good things happening :)

  3. Such wonderful news about post-surgery complete recovery!!!! You turned out to be the best case that the doctors could hope! I'm so glad you can feel well to enjoy Katie's wedding time.
    Love, Becky

  4. Lots of wonderful news Louisa! So GLAD the doctor reports are all positive, that your arm is better and you are able to exercise so much. It sounds like your remodel is moving along quickly -- although messily :) Hope you have a very good week. Love, Sussa

  5. So glad to hear that all continues to be good, Louise. I'm excited to see your remodel when it is completed too. Most of all I'm so grateful you are feeling so good and that you have received such good news from your doctors - awesome! Love you, Janet

  6. Just to let you know I am still reading your blog, so glad you are doing great. I agree, modern medicine, great doctors, faith, prayer and priesthood blessings, yes the combination works.
    And, thank you for your phone call yesterday, my first day home straight
    out of ICU ! In short I had heart attack 6 days ago, ER had my Dr. set
    me up for stents possiblity, but the first doctors group said no and would
    not do, so took me out of surgery room crying. They said needed triple
    by-pass. But I had the priesthood the night before give me a blessing and my name was put into SLC and ST GEORGE, UT temples plus lots
    of other prayers being done. Soooo told my doctor I was willing to risk
    my 50/50 chance of doing the stents (3), one at main heart valve. A doctor I choose opened my door the next morning and said OK here is
    what we are doing. He wanted to do 2 out of 3 but only did the main
    one at the heart, the one all doctors fear out side of open heart surgery.
    He will do another in 4 weeks. I know I walking on ice, but everyone is
    doing the best they can, so I am most grateful for friends, relief society
    gals like you, doctors, priesthood, modern medicine, prayers, a loving
    care taking husband whom also can cook. Louise, I used to plan years
    in advance, then I planned a year ahead, then I said, forgetabout yesterday, worry not about tomorrow, live for today! Now I have truly
    learned to live for the moment!
    Take care sweet lady and keep that pretty smile always,

    Luv ya gal, Peggy D'Amato