Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In a Mess!

I am on my way back up to Utah. Our little baby boy, SJ, is getting blessed this Sunday, and we are going up for it. Brady and Kelsey are coming too...and then Kelsey is staying for the month of June to help Emily with SJ. We ar excited to go--however, the weather is STILL cold up there. When is summer actually going to come to Utah? Katie, who is in Logan, said it snowed there a couple of days ago--crazy!

It has been a hectic couple of days for us. We are getting ready to do some remodeling, and it has forced us to empty cupboards and drawers. We need to do this more often--we have accumulated SO MUCH junk! It has been a full-time job, plus there have been errands to run--dentist appointments, basketball camp, etc. I am worn out. Kelsey, who has always been the best about watching out for me, makes sure that I take rests, and don't try to keep going. It gets to be a lot. The demolition on our kitchen starts tomorrow--so things should look pretty different when we get back. To add to the craziness, our dog has been acting strangely--like he is going through some trauma. i can identify--tonight I couldn't find any potholders so I dropped a bunch of the casserole on the floor of the oven. I fell apart when I did that. How am I supposed to cook when I can't find pans, or towels or potholders? I know what you're all thinking--perfect excuse to eat out every night! Anyway, somehow we'll get this all done...and we'll be ready, and our house will be a disaster...and hopefully all this work will be done before the wedding.

I will post another picture--I have been taking so many lately, that I need to share them. This is one (maybe two) of Kelsey and Brady at their graduations. They are cute kids, and really have been great helps with all this chaos going on here. How am I going to survive June without Kelsey to help out? :)I'm not sure I can let her go to college in the fall either. She is my right hand--helps with everything!

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  1. Love these pictures of your graduates! With your kitchen demolition going on, this sounds like the perfect time to leave town for S.J.'s blessing. I wish you a wonderful, sweet time together.