Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not looking forward to another test

I talk a good story, and now that I'm awake, I am doing better. But fear got the best of me last night--and worries about this pet scan actually kept me awake during the night. I RARELY have problems sleeping, but last night was different. Even though everything else has looked good, I still fear having another test that could show that I have cancer, and then waiting for the results. I am thankful for the sun coming up, and things DO look brighter. There is nothing I can do now about the I am going to enjoy my morning and then head over to the hospital for the test. Then we'll play the waiting game, and we'll just hope for the best. :) As I've said many times before, this is all part of the "process." Sometimes I just don't want to be reminded that this is an ongoing thing--I would just like it all to end. We don't usually get to "call the shots" that way! OH WELL. Have a good day. Love you, Louise


  1. Sister Price - You won't believe it but I just got your Christmas card last week. Sometimes the mail in Germany is a mystery to me. You continue to be in my prayers. I'm thinking of you! Sending you lots of love! Carrie

  2. Sounds like you are stuck in a medical revolving door right now. Eventually things will slow down and you will be released from the spinning routine. Hang in there! You are in good hands and you have lots and lots of prayers being said for you.

  3. Oh dear Louise, I know the feeling, I feel your anxiety. I refused the pet scan due to fear, months ago, when I was told I could have a brain tumor, this was when I had vertigo. I just gave up and when to Bishop Bloom's office and got a blessing. I figured ...oh well, I will just give it to Heavenly Father, I am tired of this. Well in three days (after 4 months of vertigo) the vertigo was gone. You know sometimes we just want to quit, but Heavenly Father knows our limits and won't ask for more than we can give for sure.
    Now you know how much you are loved and know that many, many people are still praying for you Louise. You know blessings work but we are also required to allow help from doctors, so don't panic now, your tests will be OK, ask for valium :)
    If I can in anyway help you let me know. Keep smiling, your a very special "spirit".


  4. I hope you pet scan went well. I am praying for you!


  5. I hate nights like that. But that seems to be the time when our brain won't turn off even when we want it to. When I wake up, things just seem better. I pray for that for you my friend. I know you will get better and I hope soon everything will be back to normal. I love you.