Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Update

It is Friday, and so we have done all our medical things this week. Except for taking blood for me which happens later today. As I've said, what would I do for entertainment if I didn't have medical appointments? On Wednesday I had my pet scan. Of course, we don't have the results yet, but hope that they will be good ones. Then Spence went to do a colonoscopy yesterday. It is pretty pathetic that the nurses all recognized us from being there a week earlier to do my endoscopy. We're getting to be too familiar to everyone at the hospital. When you're on a first-name basis, it means you've been there too much. The pet scan went fine--since they move you in and out of the tube, you don't have quite the same claustrophobic feelings that you might have if you just had to be in there for 20 minutes without moving.

I have been more diligent in working out. I have had quite a bit of pain in my upper arms and shoulders--probably because of months of little use. So my "trainers" are working on me building muscle strength and trying to loosen up those muscles. I feel like a wimp when I can hardly raise my arms over my head.

I had an experience last night that was a graphic example (but small) of dumping syndrome. Kelsey brought home a blizzard from Dairy Queen for Brady. I literally had 2 spoonfuls of that, and still had a reaction--got hot, sweaty, tired and weak. It lasted for just a few minutes, but I guess all this stuff about sugar for me is a real thing. I better really be careful about eating that stuff--I have to admit, I also had had a couple of Easter M&M's, so that probably didn't help. Back to the fruits and veggies--SIGH...anyway, I hope all you mothers out there have a great Mother's Day. There is nothing quite like a mother. My mother has been gone for quite a while now, and I miss her--and miss her mothering. So don't procrastinate telling your mother how much she means to you. It will mean so much to HER. Love you all, Louise


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! I'm thankful you are here to mother your children and that your health continues to get better all the time.
    You are sweet enough without all the sugar stuff!
    Love, Becky

  2. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!


  3. I hate the waiting game. I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day. I'm sure your kids all let you know how wonderful you are. I agree with them. Keep up the good work.

  4. I wouldn't make it without any sugar....more power to you (and to me). Been thinking about you all day - glad when the positive results are in. Good for you on the workout routine.....keep it up :)

  5. Hi Louise, I had a little surgery on my big toe today and I have to say when
    Dr. Price (really he is a surgeon foot doctor, mine...great too) came back
    into room with two big needles I told him that my heart just went into
    fribulation and felt my blood pressure go up up up! Then I thought of
    all the stuff you've been through and said to myself, just stop it, this is
    nothing and thought about all the email blogs I read from you and Spence.
    Dr. Price said do you want me to freeze your toe first? I thought to myself, are you kidding, I get to have it frozen first, goodie goodie. Doc then injected the first shot (so slow I wondered about it) ....the toe began
    to get bigger and then the second shot, by then it was swelling more, so
    I said (trying to play like this was not happening) well doc where did you
    go to school? He said I think, WI. ( I was in shock). I said maybe I better
    shut up and let you do your thing. He continued, not a problem ...I graduated from BYU. By now he started the cutting part, OH my gosh, I can't look, it is bleeding, I asked can you see? What a stupid question, oh well, he fixed it so I couldn't see for the most part. He removed the
    worst ingrown toe nail I ever saw, and since May 22nd I have been to ER and three doctors saying I had gout! Wow, I saved that nail and plan to frame it and will not be going back to see that nail salon.

    Well I have to say each time I felt that fear I just thought about you Louise and really I just calmed down from knowing how much you have
    endured so patiently. So now I have 14 days to deal with the foot care thing, Chaz is a great caretaker and each time I think of anything negative with my foot, I just think of how much things could be worse.

    So oooo thank you Louise and Spence for sharing so much about what
    you both have gone through, it does help others to be strong, even when it is just a big toe. Amazing how only a toe can cause such a big fear, I am getting soft in my old age.

    Now, I wonder what your test results are, hoping to see a happy post soon.

    Thoughts and prayers, luv, Peggy