Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Diet Dilemna

Thanks to Spence for informing you about my dumping syndrome. It was such an amazing thing to have the nutritionist tell us so much. I think Spence definitely is getting his honorary doctor's degree!!

As Spence told you, it makes things much clearer. What we couldn't believe is how all the symptoms of dumping syndrome were symptoms that I've had! I still need to read all the info she gave us...but things started making sense after talking to her. However, it still is a challenge to figure out what to eat. Let me try to explain. I'll use Gatorade as my example. When I was having my C-Dif problems, Gatorade was a great help in restoring electrolytes to my system. I was first on regular Gatorade, but then learned about G2, Gatorade with less i changed over to that. Then, when I was trying to add more calories to my diet to help gain weight, I went BACK to normal Gatorade, which has more sugar in it. After talking to Terry, our nutritionist, I knew that I shouldn't be drinking stuff with that much sugar in it, so now I'm back to the G2 stuff! The challenge is still getting the calories in, without adding the sugar. To complicate things a little more, I tend to have high cholesterol. I have been on medicine for that, which may be causing me to have some random pains in my leg (and at times, in my shoulder). Some of the things I am told to eat (to add more calories) are more butter, mayonnaise, gravies, etc. which are not good for you can see why all of this causes me to be in somewhat of a quandry! I wish medicines didn't have side effects, and that you didn't have to worry about how one medicine can affect another. I also wish that there were more calories in healthy foods, and less in all the junky ones! What can I say? I am encouraged to learn about dumping syndrome, and as soon as I figure out what I can really eat, things will be much better. Forget the doctors--we're going straight to the nutritionist--she seems to really know what she's talking about!!

Tomorrow is the pet scan. They told me that it will take about 2 hours. I can't read during that time, so I'll bring my ipod, and just listen to music. Just ask Spence--he'll tell you: I'll be asleep for that 2 hours!! This pet scan will show if there is any trace of cancer in my body right now. I'm so thankful I can have doctor's appointments--how would I fill my days if I couldn't fill them by spending time with my doctors? I certainly know how to have fun. Have a great day--keep sending those good thoughts. :)


  1. Good luck tomorrow! You will be in my prayers.

  2. Thanks for the update, Louise and Spence. Your posts are so informative - it is so nice to be updated on how you are feeling and all the different quandries you are in when it comes to food. Good luck on the Pet Scan - I know it will be fine - you have such a good track record. I wish I could sleep like you do, Louise - never have been a very good sleeper - but I'm so glad you can - you obviously need it. Know that I'll be thinking of you tomorrow - Keep chowing down all those anti-dumping foods (who named that condition anyway!) Love you, Janet

  3. I agree with you. That sounds like it should be the number one reaction of this problem. It took them a while to find it, I think you are right about talking to the dietition. I know the pet scan will be great.