Monday, March 28, 2011

A very full weekend

I had a very big weekend this weekend, and I don't think I'm quite ready for all that yet. Saturday I went from one thing to another, and finally had to stop mid-afternoon, just so I could recuperate. I needed to do some birthday shopping, but my daughter, Kelsey, did that for me--I just had run out of energy. Spence tried to get me to cut some things out, but as usual, I was stubborn and thought I could do it all. Kelsey is going away to school in the fall, and I better have more energy by then--I depend on her for so many things. She has been a great support.

I started working out at the cancer center last week. The great things about the "trainers" there is they appreciate any effort you put out, and they applaud anything you do. My workouts are small (about 15 minutes), but I'm going to try to be more consistent and build up my energy that way too. I have gone out to eat a couple of times, and the people I'm with are always so happy that I can eat. I'm very happy about that too!!

Friday I got to be with another friend--check out the picture. This is my friend, Debbie Meany, who is our beach friend. I met her thousands of years ago when we were both at UC Davis in California, and we have been dear friends ever since. She is such a good friend that she decided to show her empathy by having surgery the exact same time AND day as I did. They thought she had a cancerous tumor, but it turned out to be benign--that was so wonderful. But we are both recovering from surgery, and understand some of the similar things we've been through. She came and spent the day with me--drove 3 hours up and back from Blythe, just to spend some time with me. That is the kind of friend that she is. We had a great time together. Well, that's a quick (sort of quick) summary of our weekend--hope you are all doing well.

Oh, just one more thing. I thought again of how the little things are the big things. I came to bed late one night. I need to have my head elevated so that I don't aspirate, and I hadn't put the pillows on my side of the bed. When I came to bed, the pillows were there and my side of the bed was turned down--a "little thing" that Spence had done, but it touched me a lot. I hope we can all take time today to do a little thing that will show a loved one or someone that we care. Have a great day--love to you all, Louise


  1. Now super man does turn down service?! Now, he's really super man!

  2. Webe, it was sooo great to see you! You looked even more beautiful than any photo could ever show! Seriously, your inner beauty shone outwardly! I LOVE your new hairdo! Honestly, it makes you look so much younger and spunkier! ;D And I couldn't believe how well you endured our outing(s)! No wonder you were exhausted on Saturday! To be able to hug you, talk and laugh with you, and even eat with you made me have so much gratitude- for the dear friend you are to me and for the miracle of your recovery! You are one amazing lady, my friend!
    Love you loads and loads, Deb XOXO