Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Moments...

Life is just kind of going along. Tonight we had Spence's parents over for dinner--they were supposed to go too a spring training game, but it was rainy and we just watched the game in our family room. We were much more comfortable that way.

I am feeling pretty good. I am still keeping track of my calories with my online program. If I felt more like eating, I could increase that intake. All my doctors say I just need to force myself. Today we went to see the GI doctor, and so far I'm doing well. I have such a different look now--with my dark hair (no more color from a least for a while), and very short. People often comment on the new "cut" I got--that wasn't exactly my choice, but it is what it is. :) I don't miss wearing my wig--it just never was super comfortable to me.

I am doing well at the 3-hour block at church now--can stay for the whole time, and not even feel exhausted when I'm done. Last night I had a crazy experience with a very violent hot flash--I felt sweaty and clammy and very weak and shaky. But, what was so weird with the whole thing--when it was done, I was super hungry. I am rarely hungry, so that was crazy. But the food tasted good--right now one of my favorite things to eat is Greek yogurt and fruit.

I also had an episode a couple of days ago, where I ate a carrot, and it got lodged in my throat. I couldn't get it out, but finally coughed it out. It was a scary feeling to not be able to swallow and to feel something lodged there--and to not be able to do anything about it. I was pretty emotional after all of that, and am thankful that I don't have many experiences like that.

The kids are back in school, and this looks like it could be a pretty busy week for us. One of the best things that is happening to me is that I can contribute some service at Church. I help coordinate compassionate service in our ward (like when someone is sick or just had a baby or there's any other kind of need). Right now we have some people who need help, and it feels so good to be able to be part of giving them that help--even coordinating other peoples' efforts feels so good to me. We all need to feel useful. I'm grateful I can do something for other people when so many people have done so much for us. Anyway, that's it for tonight--have a good Tuesday.
Love to you all, Louise

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  1. Sorry about the carrot incident! But I say WONDERFUL to the rest of your improving lifestyle. To be able to help others is so fulfilling and you know better than anyone what a blessing that is.
    Love, Becky