Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday

Hello everyone. I had my kids take pictures of me last night. I will probably put the one in that Brady took--Kelsey's camera is too high in pixels, and I think you see more than you might want to!! She took pictures after I wore my wig, so my hair was pretty wild. Maybe when I feel braver, I'll show them to you!

Today is a big day for our family. Our daughter, Katie, who is 20, is driving down from Utah with her boyfriend...and we'll meet him for the first time today. They are getting pretty serious, and it looks like we could have a wedding this summer. There is never a dull moment, or time to really take it easy! But we're excited to meet him.

Last night I had another music appreciation moment. I went with my son, Brady, to a program at his middle school, where the band played. They were really good--it was just so good to be there, to be able to hear them and to be with him. It was good to walk around and see all the different things that were going on. I saw a few people who I know--so that was fun too. I hadn't walked yesterday, but I had to park my car so far away...I counted that for my walk. :)

I am going to the oncologist today. I will be seeing him every month for the first six months. I am doing pretty well. I just find that doing one major thing a day is about my maximum--but I can do smaller things, with small breaks in between. I still go in weekly to test the level of my blood--too thin or too thick, and they keep it well regulated. My eating is going pretty well--I do have my moments when something seems to get stuck in my throat. It's hard to know when you should worry about something or if it's just all part of the whole process.

I have talked to some different friends on the phone this week...and that has been so fun. I do feel like I'm getting more in the normal swing of things, bit by bit. So I'll let you know how things go this weekend. Love you lots, Louise


  1. Louisa, I'm playing hookie for a's a work at day school...getting ready for parent/teacher conferences. You look "lovely"...your favorite word, I know! But you do look healthier and that's always good:) Good luck with the visit...just know that he is more nervous about it all than you are!!
    Love you, Sharie

  2. Thanks for posting the picture. You are looking good! Your hair looks like it is coming in well. I hope you enjoy meeting Katie's boyfriend. He would be a lucky boy to be a part of your family.


  3. Same beautiful smile, makes me smile to see you smile!

  4. I like your darker hair Louisa! Hope you and your family have a very fine weekend :)

  5. Dear Friend, You look so good. I am so excited that each day is better than the last. You hair is great, you don't have to fix it. It will all be back pretty quick. Love you so much.