Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some Musings on the Media

I wrote this particular entry on July 22, 2012...even though it is a few days later right now. I have had some thoughts especially tonight that I wanted to share on my blog. These will not be popular with a lot of people, but I needed somewhere to share some of these feelings. So, if you want to comment or criticize, go right ahead, but these are some things I feel quite strongly about. I have been on vacation for the last several days, and the TV has been on a lot. I am not a TV watcher—never really have been. My mother really didn’t like watching TV, and so it was rarely on as we were growing up. My parents felt like if you had free time, that it was far better to read than to watch TV. I carried that same feeling into raising my kids, but didn’t implement it nearly as well as my parents did. I am truly appalled at what is on the TV. Nearly every show has immoral people or people who take the Lord’s name in vain, or who dress immodestly. Sexual themes are predominant, and there is nothing sacred or holy about any of the sexual content. So this generation is growing up where they make fun of sexual things, and they get very used to suggestive content in practically everything. It seems like a lot of their conversations are sexually oriented or have references to sexual things. For any of you who watch TV, which is all of us, even the commercials are disturbing in their sexual innuendos, etc. I went to church today, where there is sacred music and talks about trying to live more Christ-like, service-oriented lives, and then the TV goes on later today (which for my house, is usually avoided on Sunday), and there is nothing of any spiritual nature left. Love is mocked, and lust is basically the “name of the game.” I find it pathetic and very discouraging. If we are going to uplift ourselves, and think more noble and holy thoughts, we need to fill our lives with more truly uplifting things. One of my children asked a very thought-provoking question of a friend of mine, who had never heard of a particular TV show that they were discussing. When he realized that she had never heard of it or watched it, he asked, “So what do SMART people do if you don’t watch shows like that?” What a question—I wish we would all be “smarter” and use our “discretionary time” in a more wise, and uplifting and worthwhile way. I know I have no say pretty much about what other people do, but being exposed to some of these shows this week, has made me feel more determined to try to elevate my thoughts and my actions—that the things that I choose to watch and read and do will truly show my desire to live closer to the Spirit of the Lord, and try to do things that will bring my life more in harmony with His. There is so much time wasted watching TV. I feel like we need to do more active things also—get out and exercise and things like that. I think it’s sad that our lives are so filled with degrading things. I know that I need to strive to live a more purposeful life. I think our world would be so much better if we sought for things that are more uplifting—our conversations and actions and thoughts would just make us purer and more proactive in more worthwhile things. I wish we would all take some time and analyze how much time we spend wasting time watching TV, and determine to make better use of our spare time. I think we would all be blessed if we all would examine our priorities and use our time more wisely. I know I need to work on priorities too (FOR SURE), and just use my time in more worthwhile pursuits. Again, I realize what I say will really bother some people, but I am just expressing my views and some of the concerns that I have. So, just take it as my “soap box” for the day!


  1. Weezy, I don't watch much TV either because of the comments you just made. I agree with you so much and worry about my grandkids and what they are exposed to. Right now they are all doing great so I hope that means my sons and DILs and avoiding the trash too. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Make room for me on your soapbox!! (Although we have been watching the Olympics this week!)

  3. Becky, Me too!! I love the Olympics, and love watching the gymnastics and swimming and diving, etc. there are definite exceptions! :) Thanks for your supportive comments--I'm glad I am not totally alone on that crazy old soapbox!! Thanks for still reading my blog--thanks to the others too--it's nice to know I'm not totally alone in my feelings. :)