Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've got Great Kids

Did you notice that title--I don't feel that way ALL the time--just like any mother, I have my "moments," but my kids have been so awesome lately that I need to pay tribute to them. RIght now my kids at home are taking dinner to their dad. He has to work late--he has had a lot of challenges at work lately, and he has had to work lots of extra hours. But my Kelsey, who is super thoughtful, decided that she would take a sub sandwich down to him and some of his favorite candy bars...because he will be working late, and probably not get any dinner. She thinks of things like that all the time--and it just makes me very happy that she does things like that. I think she is a total winner. Then, last week our daughter, Katie went through a miscarriage. It was a huge blow to our whole family. I didn't realize until this happened that when something like this happens, you experience a great loss--not only the person going through it, but also the whole family who was anticipating the birth of another child. I think this experience will make me more empathetic to others going through a trial like this. It made everyone so sad. One of my daughters just wept when she heard it--and all of them texted or talked to Katie, to see how she was doing. My daughter, Emily, went up to Logan (where Katie lives) and spent a few hours with her--took her out for lunch, and for a pedicure. Then she and her husband and son went up another night to bring dinner to Katie and Cody.They live about an hour and a half away, but knew how important it was for Katie and Cody to feel their support. Wow--I was so impressed by all the caring that went on in my family. When the chips are down, they really come through. Life is too short not to let the people we love know that we love them. I am very thankful for my children, and that they think of others in their family...and try to give support and help whereever they can. Moments like this are painful,but incredibly sweeet when you see how much families can rally around each other. We go to the beach in a few days. We are all excited to be together. Of course, the anticipation is half the fun--and we've been looking forward to this for quite a while. Hopefully, it will be as wonderful as we're all hoping.
Here is a picture of me with 2 of my girls--Emily and Katie when we were in Utah


  1. I actually need to amend what I said. My kids are ALWAYS great--it's just that I don't always recognize it as much as I did with these instances. They are wonderful people, making a huge effort to do what's right, and I love them.

  2. You do have great kids! So sorry to hear about Katie's miscarriage, that is such an emotional thing to go through. I pray she will be comforted.

  3. Also so sorry to hear about Katie, Louise. It is a real loss....far more than I knew until my girls experienced it. Hope you are having fun in California...:)