Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Break

I think it's time for another post...even though my life is pretty unexciting. Right now I am in the middle of a huge mess in my house--trying to organize my sewing closet, and years and years of pictures--both are huge undertakings, and I am a little bit crazy to be working on them both. But I AM making some progress so that's good.

It's been spring break for my high school freshman, Brady. It has been a beautiful Arizona spring week, and neither one of us has worked too hard. He has enjoyed the break, and it has been nice not to have such early mornings. But we'll be back to it on Monday--all good things must come to an end.

This Sunday we get to hear my nephew, Kevin Jones, report on his mission. He just returned from the Southern California mission, and he looks great--we got to see him at the airport when he first arrived.I'm going to put a picture in of him coming in , and his family being there to greet him. I'm also including a picture of him at baggage with all the members of his family--so cool! He has served for 2 years, and has been very diligent and hard working. He is a very good young man. It is a very happy occasion when a young man returns from his mission. It is not an easy thing for anyone to do--to give up your normal activities for two years to go out and try to teach people about the Gospel...but many do it, and it is such a blessing in their lives. When our son, Brian, returned from his mission, he was a much more mature person--could look people in the eye, and talk easily with other people. So, it is a great blessing for those they teach, but it is also a great blessing for the missionaries themselves. I hope that my 3 grandsons will all be able and willing to serve missions when they turn 19. It is a great goal, and a great accomplishment. Well, I am going back to my sewing closet--no rest for the wicked (or the weary!) Have a good weekend, and tell someone you know that you love them. I need to do that too! :)

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