Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Music is my Favorite!

I love music--I think the hardest sense for me to be without would be the sense of hearing. I just love a good CD--nothing can make me feel better than some good, fun, uplifting music! Tonight we had the great opportunity to go hear Vocal Point, the a capella group from BYU who went to the TV show, The Sing-Off. A few months ago a friend told me about them being on TV, and I was a fan from that time on! When I went to BYU parent's weekend, I heard them in person, and was further converted! Then I started watching them on the Sing-Off, and was so sad when they were voted off the show. But still whenever I want a good uplift, I just google them on my computer, and they perform for me right in my very own house!! But tonight Spence and I went to see them at the Mesa Arts Center, and they were totally awesome! I loved watching them perform--they are so good, but they also are having such a good time together--it was a great evening! They did a song of the 12 days of Christmas where they mixed in all sorts of Christmas songs--I don't know how they did it. Then they have this incredible vocal percussionist, who can make all kinds of sounds. You feel like they must have all kinds of instruments, and they have NONE. It was so much fun to be there--and I just hated it when they announced their last number!! They did an encore of "God Bless the USA," and that was awesome too. It was such a fun evening.

Then a week ago, I took all my daughters to see "Wicked." That is one of my favorite plays, and I love the music in it. We sat on the 4th row--so our seats were amazing, and we had such a fun time then too. So, if I could just listen to good, fun music all day long, I think I would be ever so happy. Of course, that is not real life, so I will enjoy these wonderful moments when I am entertained so totally. What fun evenings those were. I will share a picture of me with most of my girls (Jodie wasn't in this one either) before we left for "Wicked." We always have to do a crazy picture, and they are usually my favorites! I also will throw in one more of my California grandsons, Colton and Logan, the day that they left to go back home. Don't I have some awfully cute grandsons? I think so. :) Have a great day!


  1. I love the pictures too! So cute! You do have the cutest grandsons :) and i have the cutest nephews!

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