Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Eve!

This is the night before my birthday. Not that anyone really will be reading this, so it won't really matter to anyone...but I thought I would write it anyway! A few years ago, I wondered if I would see many more birthdays--it has been an amazing journey to see that Heavenly Father, for whatever reason, still wanted to prolong my life here on earth. There are days that I really wonder why, and other days that I'm very grateful--it's funny how we go through such a variety of emotions. It is awesome how many people write mission statements for their lives--laying out their purpose and goals for life. They have a focus in their life that I seem to be lacking in my own.  I have always been a goal-setter, and tried to set goals at the beginning of each new year. However, like many of you, it is hard to remember what goals you've set, and to actually try to achieve them. Some days I am amazed at my lack of motivation to really get anything done. One time one of the leaders of our church talked about how we use our "discretionary" time. That phrase has stayed with me...and at times, HAUNTED me, because I see so much of my time being wasted. I am not always a very good steward of my time.

In the last couple of weeks I have had family visiting me. My daughter, Katie, and her precious daughter, Brooklyn (my first granddaughter) were here for a week. Katie is an amazing mother. She has always been a very unique person, and certainly marched to the beat of her own drummer...and she is an incredibly relaxed mother. It is fun to watch her mother, and I am very proud of the way she is handling her new responsibilities. She has become a very close friend to me. During her teenage years, I could never have anticipated this happening. She was a challenge, and I know I was a challenge to her. We rarely saw eye to eye, and life was pretty much a roller coaster...and VERY challenging. However, now we love to talk and share thoughts and feelings. I am grateful for her. I am especially grateful that she tries so hard to keep in touch with me. She knows that is important to me, so she really makes an effort since she knows it makes me happy. She cares deeply about every member of our family.

While she was still here, my sister, Kathy, came to visit also. It was great, because it meant that all my girls got to spend time with their aunt. She is very interested in them, and enjoyed being with them very much. We visited a lot, ate out a lot, and just had a good time. She is a gift-giver, and so she always comes with gifts for everyone. She is very thoughtful. She is a huge San Francisco Giants fan, and we took her to a baseball game where the Diamondbacks were playing the Giants. She really was in seventh heaven, and loved being there. She let all her friends in the Bay Area know she was there, by posting pictures and messages on her Facebook page.

Then last weekend was General Conference. It was the BEST. I love it--love the inspiration I feel from my leaders. It is easy to get caught up in the world's ideas and philosophies...but when you listen to Conference, you get the clear call that comes from men who are called of God. It is always such an uplift, and carries me for a long time after it is through. However, I wish I could feel as good always as I do when I'm listening to Conference--it is awesome!


  1. MOOOOMMM I read all your blog posts!!! I think you are an awesome mom!

    1. Katie--you are the BEST!! Thanks for all your love and support! What would I do without you? It would be a very sad, pathetic life, that's for sure.