Sunday, March 23, 2014

What every mother wants to hear!

It was just an ordinary moment--I was doing the dishes after having some friends over for dinner. My daughter, Kelsey, came into the kitchen, and just said, "Thanks, Mom, for being such a great mom." Those are words EVERY mother would like to hear--and it doesn't happen very often. So that meant a lot, and even though Kelsey doesn't read my blog, I want to tell her how much I appreciated her saying that to me. There are a lot of thankless days and nights--and many frustrating moments as a mother, but when a child (especially a grown-up child) says something like that, you really do feel special, and feel like all the effort, time, and craziness of being a mother is worth it. Like Kelsey said afterwards, we don't say that often. I hope I remembered to tell my mom that--she was such a sweet and loving person, and I hope I let her know at least sometimes that I DID appreciate that. Gratitude is so important.

I have found lately that I have been very critical of people, and I know that is not right. First of all, we don't know all the facts, so we really can't judge--secondly, when we criticize others, we become negative and ungrateful. We see the things that are wrong with others and wrong with our lives, and then let that discourage us...and make us unhappy. It would be so much better if we would look for the good, and then tell others the good we see in them. People who do that are so nice to be around...and we enjoy being with them. They see the good in us, and help us to see the good in others. Oh, if only I could be as good as I know I should.

Yesterday our son, Brady, had two basketball games with the YMCA. His team lost both of them, and quite badly. Usually I enjoy watching him play basketball, and watching his team. However, I guess I don't love watching losses and especially blow-outs! Brady gives his all every time he's on the court--he plays hard, and intensively, and he's good--but who am I to say, I'm just a biased mother! Anyway, that was a big majority of my Saturday. So that's about it from here--this week my daughter, Katie, and her baby girl, Brooklyn, come to visit. We are so excited, and know it will be lots of fun to have them here.

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