Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beautiful spring weather! Happy Days to you!

This is the time of year that people in Arizona live for. :) It is beautiful--the nights and mornings are wonderful, and it is fun to be outside. You can smell the citrus blossoms everywhere, and even though that isn't always good for people's allergies, it still smells fabulous! It has been a cold and tough winter in many parts of our country, but this is the time when we can brag about our weather...and enjoy these days! Much hotter ones will be coming soon--so we need to enjoy these while we can. This has been a particularly fun spring for us, since our grandson, SJ, now lives in Arizona. He loves to come to our house, to play in our sandbox, jump on our trampoline, and dip his toes and legs in our pool. He brings a lot of fun and excitement to our home--we love having him around...and love that he comes to visit his "Handdad," (what he calls his Granddad), and "Grandma Weez." (That would be me!!)

I have had many enjoyable experiences with my Church calling. I work in the Primary organization (our children's organization), and I work in the stake--where I am associated with several wards, and their individual Primary organizations. It is a joy to work with the children--I love their sweet spirits, and the funny things they say...and how they aren't afraid to say ANYTHING!! Last weekend we had a choir composed of children from throughout our stake, who sang at our stake conference. They sang the opening song, and then a song after the announcements. They were so AWESOME! They sing with all their hearts, and with so much enthusiasm--you can't help but be touched by what they do. I am SOOO thankful I can rub shoulders with these wonderful children. I also love working with their leaders who put so much time and energy into serving these children. Primary is the BEST!

Just one more thing for today--aren't you proud of me for writing TWICE in March--I AM improving!! Today our daughter, Emily, called--she was feeling very sick with the flu, and wanted her dad to come give her a blessing. So we spent a few hours over there this afternoon. It is so nice to be able to help when she needs us and to be close enough to do it. We had a great talk with her, and it was good to be over there--so glad she will let us help. :) Happy March to all of you!! Love you!

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