Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So very disappointed

This is a hard day for me--last night was a hard night. I am very sad, and have shed some tears. So many of the things I value and hold dear were espoused by Governor Mitt Romney, and I had so hoped that he could somehow miraculously win for president. It wasn't because he was Mormon that I was such an advocate, although he IS a good member of our church--holds to its ideals, believes in family, and has been dedicatd to living the prinicples of Jesus Christ. It is because he had the courage to stand up for family and the ideals our country was based on. He believes in America, and doesn't apologize for things we have done--he is proud to be an American. He believes in the inspired beginnings of our country, and the principles that are espoused in our constitution. He is willing to stand alone, and not just sway with the pressures of society to accept and advocate "alternative lifestyles," just so that he can be popular with the voice of the people. He is willing to stand as a witness of Christ at all times, and in all things and in all places. I was so touched by his concession speech--there was nothing of malice in it. I prayed sincerely in the past weeks for the American peoples' hearts to be touched with what really matters. But I know they have exercised their right to vote, and I am thankful we can do that. But I am proud to say that I was for Mitt Romney and for all he stood for. I wish we could have the opportunity to have him work for some of the ideals he advocated. I, like him, really need to pray for our leaders and hope that America can do better in the next 4 years and follow a better path. With all my heart I pray that God will truly bless America, this land that I love.

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  1. Hi Louise,

    I haven't checked your blog in a while. I had a few minutes tonight and thought about you.

    I totally understand how you are feeling about the election. I noticed that put out a nice notice on the election. Yes, we will be praying for the leaders of our country!

    You are so sweet. I am thankful to have a wonderful friend like you!