Thursday, September 6, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

It's about time to write again--I am such a slacker when it comes to writing in here. Now that I feel better, and that life is more back to normal, I can't think of much to write about! I DID watch quite a bit of the Republican Convention last week, and I was very impressed at what I heard and with several of the speakers. I thought Ann Romney was totally awesome, and I feel like Mitt is a great man...and would help our country so much. I am very hopeful that he will be elected. I feel like he's what our country needs. I am reading parts of his book, No Apology, and am trying to get a better feel for the things he believes in. I was very touched by the feeling of patriotism that I felt during that convention--of people who truly love America, and want many of the same things that our Founding Fathers wanted and were inspired to make as the basis of this country. I have survived since my daughter, Kelsey, went to college. Thank heavens for cell phones, texting, and emails--I'm glad I can talk to her often. We developed such a strong bond when I was sick, and I will always be grateful to her for all her service to me...and for how much she cares about people. She is such an awesome person! I have a new Church responsibility. I am working with the children's organization of our Church, the Primary, and it is a lot of work. Our Church is very connected with the Boy Scouts of America, so I have a lot of Scouting things that I have to do. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do--so it keeps me hopping. I am also still working on quilts--that is so fun for me, and such a great it is the one thing where I really can SHOW something that I have done. Cleaning, cooking and doing wash just need to be done over and over again--when you MAKE something, you have something to show for your efforts...and that is gratifying! Plus I like to sew, and so this has been a fun hobby. I've had a few health problems, but nothing too serious. I hurt my shoulder, and it is a torn rotater cuff. However, I can do some exercises, and don't need to have surgery, so that's a good thing. I've also had some chest pains, but those seem to be getting better too--so probably all those things have just been muscular problems, and some advil and a little less exercise, and I'll do all right. I have a new friend at church--a very sweet, young, newly-married girl. I just love being with her. I am always impressed with someone who befriends other people who are not at the very same stage of life that you are. I think that's great, because I think you can learn something from all different people...and they can enrich your life. There used to be a couple in our ward, who were older people, but they were friends with everyone. One time the wife told me, "We really don't know WHAT age we are--we enjoy being with people of all differnt ages." What a great attitude. It's awesome to get to know so many differnt people, and learn from them and have relationships with many of them. I'm thankful for the people in my life, and the dear friends--they are such a blessing!

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