Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thank Heavens for Friends

WOW--tonight I just had a very unique experience. I just talked to a friend whom I've known and cherished as a dear friend for years. Maybe it was just the wrong time to call and maybe she wasn't in the mood to talk, but I truly felt like she didn't want to talk to me AT ALL. It has made me stop and think a little about friends and how much they mean to me. I try to keep in touch with people, and to be interested in their lives. I learned a lot from my mom and dad about how to be a friend--EVERYONE was their friend, and they really worked at keeping in touch with those people. In fact, THEIR friends became OUR friends. In the last few days we've had some fun contacts with people who have been friends for a long time. In Church about a week ago, a friend was there who moved away a few years ago, and came back to visit. It was such a joyful reunion to see her, and to visit for a few minutes. Our kids played in a mother's group many years ago, and those ties still mean a lot to both of us. On Saturday night we went out with 2 couples whom we knew when we were first married--every time we are together it is like we just pick up from where we were the last time we were together. It is like FAMILY to be with them, and we love them very much. Both of those couples are couples whom we have looked up to as examples for years--what a blessing to still be friends. Today I was with a cousin who is also a very dear friend, and with her daughter, and her brand-new baby girl. What joy there is when we share our lives with those around us--being with others can't help but enrich our own lives. So, tonight I just have been reflecting on how powerful those friendships are in my life...and what a strength and a joy they are to me. When I think of people like that, I think of the little song that says, "Make new friends, but keep the old/ One is silver and the other's gold." Many thanks to so many people who are those "golden" friends in my life. I love you very much, and count your friendships as some of the greatest gifts of my life.


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to friends from one of those people who cherishes friends more than anyone knows. Louise you are such a sweet friend to so many people. Thanks for being my friend and always so concerned about me and my welfare. I consider you my best friend!
    Love, Spence

  2. You are a wonderful friend and one who keeps in touch. That is rare these days as you well know. I'm thankful our salt and pepper daughters have remained close and I believe they always will.
    Congrats to Brady boy on getting his Eagle award. Quite an achievement!!! You and Spence are great parents even in your old age!!Ha Ha!!
    Love, Becky