Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom Price!

If my wonderful mother-in-law had lived, she would be 90 years old today! She was an amazing woman and had an incredible impact on our whole family. So today I would like to pay some tribute to her and to the effect she has had on me. She was my cheerleader, and always believed in me. But that was a gift she gave to so many others, as well as me. She didn't let people feel sorry for themselves, but she encouraged them to do better and to improve themselves. She always made my children feel like they were special to her. They loved her very much. I remember one birthday for our daughter, Emily. She gave Emily 20 one-dollar bills, and with each bill that she handed her, she told Emily of a quality that she admired in her. It was such a wonderful thing to watch, and meant so much to Emily--definitely a treasured memory. She was cheerful and positive, and although I am not like her in all those qualities, I certainly can admire and appreciate them. She saw the good in people. She laughed easily, especially at herself, and she found fun in just about everything. So, today I pay tribute to her--may we all be a little more like Mom Price, a little more compassionate, less likely to judge, more inclusive of everyone, and more grateful for all the little things. She is an example for us all, even now, many years after she has passed from this life. I am thankful to be part of her eternal family, and know that for all of us, when we see her again, it will be a glorious reunion. Thanks, Mom Price, for all the memories, and for your tremendous example...and for just being YOU. Your legacy definitely lives on, and we still think of you often, and want to be more like you. With much love always, Louise and all the Price family

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  1. Thanks, Louise! So well put. After she passed away 8 years ago we had a FHE where we wrote down all of her great qualities. We took those qualities and listed them by her picture and gave each of our children that picture and the list of qualities that we would like to emulate. I hope each one still displays that picture and her great qualities!! Spence