Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fun Family Fotos!

It is now over a week after I last wrote. I have just been editing some pictures, so I thought I would share them with you...and share some of my sweetest blessings. I am thankful for my family, so I'll show you some pictures of some of them. A lot of them come from our wedding weekend. I am still blown away by the fact of all that we could do after having such a horrendous year of bad health--the wedding, a new grandchild (and one more to come in just a little more than a month), a remodel of our home--wow, we have so many things to count our blessings about. The greatest thing is to be able to be with people and do things with them, and to enjoy my family...and have life come back to normal in most ways. My daughter, Kelsey, is doing wonderfully up at school at BYU--what a great experience it is for her! Brady, our youngest, is working on his Eagle Scout project--a big undertaking, but such a great chance for him to learn about being a leader.

I am taking a quilting class--such a fun diversion for me. :) I do love making things, and I am thankful I can take this. It is a class at my sister-in-law's store, and she has beautiful fabrics and fun classes. I love making something that doesn't come undone (that's the problem with cleaning and cooking--you just have to keep doing them, and someone is always making them come undone).

Well, now for the quick explanations of the pictures--of course, the 2 boys on top are the stars of our family--Logan, who is 2, and SJ, who is 4 months. Such cute boys! Then there are pictures of me and Spence with SJ. Logan is totally in love with his Aunt Kelsey--and loves to be with her. Brady misses his buddy, Kelsey, but is still doing well with high school activities and other things. (He still has his mom to tease, and he does it ALL the time!). The picture of Michael, Emily and SJ is from the wedding--they all looked so cute, especially SJ, with his bow-tie! Then the final picture is of Katie with her two nephews. We take a lot of pictures of those 2 boys, and enjoy our time with them. Well, there is a little catch-up of what we're doing. Have a great day! Love, Louise


  1. Love the pictures!!! You have such a wonderful, sweet family. What a blessing :)

  2. Wonderful pictures Louise! It makes me smile to see you all.