Saturday, July 16, 2011

What an Evening!

What a fun night this was--I just need to share it. Actually I wrote this on Friday night, but couldn't get it to post until this morning (Saturday). Tonight was Jodie's spring formal--can't quite figure out why it is spring in the middle of summer? But oh well. It was supposed to be a 50's theme, and all the handicapped adults that are involved in different programs were there. I love to watch them at a party--they are so uninhibited, and so full of joy--they just have a great time! If they feel like dancing, they just get up and dance--they might have a partner, but they also might not. It is like watching people with pure joy--they are just having a good time! They gave out some awards. Jodie is part of a work enclave, where several of mentally challenged adults (I guess I can use the politically correct term!) work at a certain job site. For Jodie, her enclave works at the local hospital, and their main job is to shred papers. For this year Jodie was chosen as employee of the year, mostly from her work at our local grocery store, Fry's, but also for how she has been at the hospital. We were told about it beforehand--it was a suprise to her, so my daughter, Kelsey, and I went to the dance. We didn't want her to know we were there, so if she looked our way, we would look down or away...just so she wouldn't see us! It was fun to do that with Kelse. We waited about an hour for Jodie to get there, but finally she got her award. It was the cutest thing to see her get that--she was surprised and so pleased, and she couldn't stop smiling. She was thrilled that I was there, and even more thrilled to see Kelsey. We stayed after she got the award, and danced to "Rocking Robin" with her--she couldn't have been happier. It was fun to be there, to see her honored, and just to see how happy those people are. What a lesson we could learn from all of them--to just enjoy life in the moment, and dance with pure joy! Happy Saturday to you all!


  1. Ooh... I love this story. I love that Jodie has found success in her own unique way. And, good for you and Kelse for celebrating her. I love you all and can't wait to see you all soon! Lo

  2. What a great evening. Congratulations to Jodie!

  3. Jodie is amazing, like her mom. Yes learning to live in the moment, not
    hard to learn after your life is on the line huh babe? Such as mine has
    been also for the past 6 weeks.........thank heaven for knowing about
    Heavenly Father's Plan, without it all would have been so hard. I am
    reading a book called, "EARTH In The Beginning", by Eric N. Skousen, Ph.D.
    WOW, just the information about the Milky Way Galaxy (which contains
    at least one trillion stars, most of them in the disk and nucleus) is amazing. Theory is Kolob's location is in the center and that there is a protective cloud of interstellar matter surrounding the central governing stellar group so that the intense energy (light) will not destroy the inhabited planets that are orbiting stars farther out. It is so dense, i fact, that we can't see through it, at least in visible light. Well it is so interesting I just wanted to stir your interest so we can talk about it next time we talk.
    Thank you so much Louise for the call today, it was nice to chat, my
    energy level is not great yet. Tired of hospitals for sure, your long dealing in them has been a great inspiration to me to hang in there.

    Luv, Peggy

  4. Congratulations to Jodie. She is so awesome! Sounds like such a fun evening. Thanks for your call yesterday. :)